Sunday, June 08, 2014

There are Copers and There are Complainers

 Bloom where you are planted,
Make lemonade….
all those things are just words, 
But for Nancy, it is no problem.

Nancy had a serious neck injury that required surgery.  Most of us would be laying  in bed.  Not Nancy.  She joined us at knitting one day and just drank her Chardonnay through a straw.  
The clematis are blooming all over town.
I may have to buy one for my garden.  Are they easy to grow?

It is a gorgeous cool summer Sunday here.
I was comfortable for my whole walk.
I got my New Balance Wrist Pedometer and I'm learning.
I'm learning that we only take about 3,000 steps at my job in 8 hours.   
I'm learning that with one good long walk, I can reach 10,000 steps very easily in a day.
For me that's about 5 miles a day.
I'm learning it is fun to watch all this.
Let's hope I can watch some weight fall off this summer! 
If not I promise not to complain, 
I'll just drink Chardonnay through a straw. 


Dee said...

I hope that for the most part, I am a COPER. But, I will admit, sometimes I am a complainer.

Good luck with walking off the weight. I have a pedometer. I find it keeps me accountable.

Katherine said...

Bless you Nancy. I love a person who just does whatever is required to get a job done!

Good luck on the "stepping." Again, we do what it takes.

Nancy said...

I need to start using my pedometer again. My step count is pretty pathetic without it.

karen said...

I got a withings activity tracker and I need to take two walks a day to get the 10000. Knitting does not encourage walking :/

Araignee said...

Before we moved here I used to have a clematis that was just beautiful. They are easy to grow. They just need sun and something to grow up.

Mereknits said...

I think I need to be a bit more like Nancy, I am a big complainer. I also need to get a pedometer, I am not walking or exercising near enough since Little Buddy arrived. My behind reminds me of this simple fact everyday.

suburban prep said...

I admire my husband because he walks everyday. Even this winter when it was so so cold here in the Chicago area he walked at lunch.

We walk together after dinner (when it is not raining).

I have been told that I do not complain about some things but I know I do I guess just not out loud or in front of a lot of different people.

It is admirable and so wonderful that your friend behaves as she does. It will get her places in life. My sister had stage 4 Non-Hodgkins. She was given a 5-10 % chance of living. That was in 2000-2001. She had a bone marrow transplant in 2001 and she is living a good life now with her husband and their daughter. She will state that she has chemo brain every once in a while now.

My little niece is going to be 3 this coming week. She was born with half a heart and has had about 4-5 heart surgeries. She will be having more this week. She is what I call the cruise director of my sister's family. She tries to keep up with her older brothers and she is very protective of her 3 month old little brother (he is her baby --as she states so forthrightly).
She amazes all who know her.

Your friend has such a great attitude and it shows in how she presents her life and that is what helps her through the rough times. I wish her all the best.

Caffeine Girl said...

I have to admire Nancy. I often struggle to be a coper instead of a complainer.

I'm surprised you don't get in more steps at work!

Judy S. said...

Your 3rd Trap? Wow, you inspired me to print of the pattern and order some yarn.... Do get a clematis; they should grow well in your area. Once they get established, they seem to do great. They do like sun, but they also like their roots shaded.

elns said...

5 miles a day is awesome Kathy! I love the upbeat in this post. You make me want to get going and be more positive!

Nancy Kay said...

I'd like to think I'm a coper, but I know I'm often a complainer too. I probably waffle back and forth, depending on the day.

I'm proud of your "steps"; keep it up!! And take some for me! LOL.

SissySees said...

I'm so proud of you!! Sissy wants you to come walk with her. She only pulls when she sees deer, horses, green fire trucks... but think of the extra calories you'd burn with the arm workout.

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