Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Glory

 The sun is setting at it's latest now. 
I caught the red sky at night,
sailor's delight, 
the other day out my west window. 
 Yesterday was a drive in the country day. 
We have this very silly habit of getting our haircut at a salon in Lake Geneva/Lake Delevan. 
Fireman and I love a drive in the country.
Farmland in the heartland is so beautiful in June.
What is it about a barn that tugs at my heart, always? 
Perhaps I was a farmer in a past life? 
My Irish side were farmers. 
My sweet Nana said her mom said she came with the potatoes. 
So she was either born in May when they planted or September at harvest.  Turns out it was September-
We simply had to stop at Lake Geneva Pies for a mixed berry pie. 

Oh and ALL the truck knitting I accomplished, was frogged when I got home.  Did n't like it.  Movin on. 
Cast on anew. 
Fireman was sort of shocked as I pulled out my scarf.
I told him, its like a flat tire for a cyclist…it happens!

Happy TUESDAY in June. 
The only white stuff in the air is cottonwood!


Nancy Kay said...

Your photos capture June: late night sunsets, green pastures, and berry pies! Wonderful images!!

Anonymous said...

Steve always marvels that I can rip out an almost finished sock and not be the least bit upset.

I told him it was "a plan that just didn't come together". As a Master Planner for the company he works for, he GETS it. LOL

Hope your knitting goes much better today.

elns said...

"it's like a flat tire for cyclists ... it happens." You kill me Kathy with your humor.

I love those beautiful pictures of your country drive. It really does capture the beauty of this time of year out there.

Katherine said...

Your sky photo and farm photo are gorgeous. I love the idea of having your hair cut in a country setting.
So sorry about the no-go scarf. As for Cottonwood--sniff, sniff, be gone!

Nancy said...

Lots of cotton in the air here, too. I'm sneezing and keeping tissues handy.

The pie definitely looks tasty. Was it?

Caffeine Girl said...

I don't rip out as soon and as often as I should!

I love the pix. Totally capture summer in the Upper Midwest.

kathy b said...

oh yes the pie was tasty. I think I like cobbler better…though

Mereknits said...

I love barns, both old and new, but a red barn really tugs at my heart.

Judy S. said...

That pie sure looks yummy! Oh, how I'd like to get a haircut in Lake Geneva! Great photos. Sorry about the scarf; surely it wasn't the Koigu Trap? Glad to report that our cottonwood is DONE. Once on a long ago campout the cottonwood landed and made it look like the chicken we were trying to cook still had feathers. Here, it resembles snow.

Araignee said...

That pie would hit the spot right now with a side of vanilla ice cream!

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