Saturday, June 07, 2014

For the Birds….Today's Amusement

In case you missed it, here's Pair of Keets by Debi Birkin.
Debi has done it again.
This animal pattern is adorable and so accurate.
I had my parakeet, Ernie for Ernie Banks, for 14 years.
Taking care of Ernie taught me the rules of pet ownership.
I cleaned his dirty cage daily.
He was all mine.
I took him into the bathroom once to fly free and it was a disaster.
I was terrified of him in flight and he kept flying into the large mirror.
Oh Ernie.

Fireman's mom always had Parakeets and they were all named Sonny.  She let them out and she finger trained them.
My sister has had a few too.
My sister taught one of hers to say Hello.

I had a funny attempt at teaching Ernie to talk.
I bought a record that repeated, OVER AND OVER  AND OVER,
Hello  Hello Baby . Hello Baby Want a Kiss?
It was hysterical to listen to.
I was too lazy to teach Ernie myself.
Ernie never did talk, but he could squak
 with the best of them.

When people come up with these amazing patterns I am so impressed.
I have only knit one stuffy, a one seam Bear, once.
It takes skill to make stuffed animals I think .
I won't be knitting this pair, but I do appreciate the creator.

Anybody want a cracker?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

They are cute - when I met Dave, he had a dwarf macaw named Jack. He was a sweetie.

Jennifer said...

Too cute!

Sue said...

I have the pattern and hope to get it one of these days. I currently have four budgies and they certainly make a racket, but none speak English.

My Cockatiel was a good talker.

Bridget said...

OH MY GOD I had that record too for my parakeet! My mother said he probably purposely ignored it because it was so damn annoying.


Mereknits said...

They are lovely, oh poor Ernie flying into the mirror.

Nancy said...

These are adorable. I had a blue parakeet when I was a kid. It loved to nibble on the lamp shades.

SissySees said...

My kind of birds. MJ used to have birds... but I seriously think Mugsy scared the last one to death. Hem.

Birds and JRTs probably require longer introductions than my inlaws felt necessary.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ....they are amazing.

When I lived in Philadelphia, we had three birds ...we had a lineolated parrotlet, a cockatiel, and a yellow-head Amazon parrot named Mace. They were a handful, but a lot of fun. The only thing Mace learned to say was "boo!"

Araignee said...

I've got an African Gray parrot named Rosie who can talk as good as I can. Most of the time she even makes more sense than I do. I've had her since she hatched almost 30 years ago. I should knit her a bird friend but I bet she's just eat it.

kathy b said...

I had no idea we were such a BIrd group!

Judy S. said...

Cute pattern! We had one, too, named Major because he sat up so straight, but Dad had the best story. Once when he was repairing something at a house, a parakeet landed on his head and said, "Whatcha' doin', bub?" Crazy, eh?

Nancy Kay said...

The stuffed birds are sure cute. Looks like some very detailed pattern work! I never did have a bird, but have been around a few who could speak some pretty good words.

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