Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fishin and Stitichin

 Our favorite Vet, Captain Larry took us fishing yesterday.
Fireman and I both love to fish. 
Fireman and Larry were pulling in walleye.
I wanted to bobber fish. 
I know what you may be thinking…
Geez she's a lazy knitter and a lazy fisher! 
All that casting and reeling is okay, but I can't SEE what's happening under the water when I jig so why do it? 
I much prefer to use a bobber and get all excited when it goes under.  
I knitted on the current Trap on the way up and back to Lake Geneva.  I'll finish it today. 
As you can see it was a cloudy cool day but it was perfect for fishing.
And the fish were biting, literally.  Fireman got bit by a walleye and it was a bleeder.  Have you ever gotten bit by a fish?
 Fishing for a summer project? 
This little dress is Adorable. 
I found it at 3 Bags Full studio on the wall. 
Looks like a lot of shaping to me, but it also looks doable. 
Fish tales anyone?


Nancy said...

No fish tales or tails here.

Love the little dress - an adorable knit.

Nancy Kay said...

Sounds like a successful day of fishing...and oh do I love to eat walleye. My dad used to catch them and fry up the filets.Oooh..yum.

At first I did not realize the dress was knitted. Oh my goodness, that's really cute!

Anonymous said...

Owwweee ---- hope Troy is okay.

Yes ...I've been bitten. I got bit in high school by a dead shark.

We were dissecting sharks and I was holding the mouth open so we could count the rows of teeth. My hand slid off the top jaw and it clamped shut on my hand.

So, now I can honestly say I have been hit by lightning AND bitten by a shark. Maybe I should play the lottery.

Katherine said...

My Dad loved to fish and he believed catfish tasted better if kept alive until it was time to prepare for eating. There were many times I would find a live catfish swimming in the bathtub which is why I always shower and NEVER use the bathtub. Even now! I do, however, love to eat catfish!!

Judy S. said...

Lucky you, Lake Geneva, one of our favorite places! Are you going to knit that dress?

SissySees said...

What a cute dress!

I hate to fish. I used to be a bobber girl, but then in the course of three casts, I had a run-in with a catfish that cut my hand, an eel that bit my cousin, and a water moccasin. The end of me and fishin', and any time I need to run harder, I remember running from that snake.

Araignee said...

My mother loved to fish. We always had a freezer full of bay blue fish and flounder when I was growing up. She also was a crabber and all summer long we had a kiddie pool full of the mean little things in the middle of the kitchen floor as they must be kept alive until cooking time. I don't eat crabs anymore but I still put Old Bay seasoning on everything.

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