Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 Traps and More to Come

The wall vase continues to be my modeling tool.
No one wants to model my scarves around here.
Allison, I miss you.  Fireman and Zach and the cats won't comply. 

I love this pattern.  Oh uh I already told you this. 
I forced myself to work on the garter baby sweater…but I'm tempted to start Trap number 4.  
I really am….
I am used some stash yarn for this last Trap. 
Heaven knows I have more stash yarn  at the ready….
The great thing about this scarf/wrap is that it narrows by design and makes for a non bulky scarf.   This is somewhat like the fisherman scarf train of thought.  

I have some mandatory education hours to put in at work today. 
Once I get there it is fun.  We rarely get a chance to pretend at our job.  The skills lab lets us do just that. 
Every single day at work for the last 31 years I have learned something, like it or not. 
Perhaps this is why I don't want a knit challenge in my life. Work is always enough of a challenge.  I just awoke from an IV nightmare.  Literally.   The IV was disconnected from the baby and just hanging in mid air from the pump….I could not find a needle to cap it off with anywhere because they had just changed all the supply drawers..
We used to have a aide that was constantly changing where things were stocked.  I cannot tell you how unnerving this was in a  pinch. 
I was relieved to awaken and take a few deep breaths. 
No wonder they say you burn calories in your sleep; maybe they should say you burn them in your nightmares!~ 

To sleep perchance to dream, or as I say 
perchance to just sleep. That's my preference


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Knitting should be enjoyable - and if you enjoy simple knits - nothing wrong with that. I think far too often we do not appreciate the simple things and tend to overcomplicate our lives because we feel we need to always be better.

And - if you are looking for a nice easy shawl/wrap - I can recommend Auburn Wave - I'm loving it.

Mereknits said...

I love that you love these Traps, I say keep knitting more and more of them, and of course send one to me!!!! I am all about easy knitting right now, something that does not take much thought at all.

karen said...

I love your shawls and you are on quite the roll!! I do enjoy knitting the same patterns that are easy and fun.

KSD said...

Wow --- I got short of breath just reading about your dream! I can only imagine going through it. . .

I keep fighting the urge to start my own Trap, but I feel my willpower weakening.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine in nursing it would be important to keep things organized and easily available. Hate to be searching for things in an emergency.

Glad your situation was just a bad dream.

elns said...

I'm with Wanderingcat ... knitting should be enjoyable. It's a way to destress and decompress, which is why even the knitting challenges I want to complete, often get pushed to the side for LONG periods of time.

My husband and I have work anxiety dreams too, we love to compare. It's rough when you are actually worried in the same scenario as you work. It's like working an extra shift instead of sleeping!

Love your Trap addiction, ha!

Judy S. said...

That was definitely a scary dream; thank goodness it wasn't real. My lost locker combination dreams have given way to lost choir music; wonder what yours will morph to when you retire? Love your Traps, especially the one with red. It's on my list with the yarn waiting......

Nancy Kay said...

Say, the Traps are looking great! You are rockin' it!

Oh, the challenges at work!

Katherine said...

I love the Traps. Beautiful work! I may try one if I ever finish the baby blankets.

Araignee said...

Love all those pretty stripes! Keep 'em coming!
When they say that people die in their sleep I've always wondered if there was a nightmare involved. Scary.

Nancy said...

Every year before school started, I had vivid dreams of unruly students and anxiety of ending my summer vacation. Once school started, the dreams stopped, but I had the dreams for over 30 years.

SissySees said...

I don't like bad dreams. I'm quite content to not recall dreaming at all!

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