Monday, May 12, 2014

To Sleep perchance to Dream

Pleased to meetcha Odie.  My nephew's family adopted Odie from Midwest Boston Rescue.  Odie came to visit us Saturday.   Approved!

Mother's Day included chocolate covered strawberries, knitting, Blackhawks hockey and  photography.    This is the only way to eat fruit if you ask me. 

I am already several chapters into this book.   What with the storms we are having,  Zach gave me the perfect book for Mom's day.    

 I'm back to the comfort of sock knitting. ( Pictures tomorrow. ) I'm all about comfort.  I indulged in the MY PILLOW product.  Under the guise of Fireman's birthday I ordered two.  (they only come in pairs) 
So far so good.  

When we were in Ann Arbor last week we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast.   It was in the heart of a very nice neighborhood.  There was a resident cat, Shula, who was nearly 20 hanging around our door.   The place was very quiet but it was ….well a bit…just a bit…musty..
this almost ruined it for me.  It was fine for a night.  (There was no television -  which is always a challenge for Fireman. )  I can't do musty…..
not in a hotel, not in a cabin, not in a B and B.   Thing is, I like my own bed , too.  I have to say that my sister's guest room runs a very close second.  The mattress the pillows the sheets….are all amazing.  

If you aren't in your own bed, what's your second favorite sleep?


KSD said...

Anywhere I can hear the ocean.

Katherine said...

DH has a My Pillow and loves it, but I need a harder pillow so Tempurpedic does it for me. If I am not in my own bed I would rather be in darling daughter's bed at her house because it is basically the same Sleep Number bed. There is, however, a small hotel in Baton Rouge, LA that has the most wonderful beds. I wanted to take it with me when we left. Sometimes when I can't sleep I close my eyes and pretend I am in Baton Rouge.

elns said...

I love chocolate covered strawberries. I should drop a hint about those next occasion.

Honestly I love a good hotel bed, where all the quality things like mattress, pillows and sheets come together. I slept really well in NYC. I was surprised, because I usually have some problems away from home. :)

But maybe the best is when the bed is professionally made -- not that my husband doesn't do a good job ;)

Anonymous said...

I get amazing naps in Steve's car while he is driving. Best sleep place --- even BETTER than my bed.

I'm right with you about the musty smell. We rented a cabin in N.C. for a week. We lasted one night and not well. Steve stuffed up so bad that he snored like an elephant. I moved out to the living room and slept on a futon that can only be described as a morgue slab. I tried a chair, but it was vinyl and STICKY!!!

Needless to say, we found a very nice HOTEL the next day. LOL

Nancy said...

I detest musty smelling motels, etc., too. Yuck!

My sister has very comfy beds at her house. I always sleep well there.

Another snow storm passed through my area early this morning. Im beginning to wonder if it will ever be safe to store my parka for the season.

Araignee said...

Ewww....musty is awful but a fact of life here on the Bay.
If I can't sleep in my own bed I just don't sleep. I'm fussy that way.

Mereknits said...

What a sweet face, I approve.

SissySees said...

I don't have a second-favorite sleep. I love my bed and no other. Period. But I'll make do wherever the Knight and the furgirls are.

Is Odie a chocolate brindle? Melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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