Thursday, May 01, 2014

Short and Sweet

 Wishing you the happiest of Mays. 
The threads are in the tree ready for the nesting birds. 
 Fireman Planted 4 rose bushes yesterday. 
Over the years I've gotten better at roses. 
I think the roses have actually gotten better….
Next up:
Possibly this Speck Butterfly Shrub

What's short and sweet by you?


KSD said...

A Panera salad for lunch, and the 100th bone finished!

elns said...

I love the strings in a cage and your beautiful rose bushes. Short and sweet for me? A few rounds of sock knitting on my lunch break, the amount of garlic ginger rice I had left to eat with my broccoli in the break-room. my attention span ;)

Nancy said...

The birds in your neighborhood are going to have colorful nests!

Judy S. said...

Have any birds visited yet? That looks like a very pretty rose. Choir's on our agenda for tonight; not especially short but fun music.

Linda said...

Do you have Orioles Kathy?
I can't believe you are planting already!
We are way behind you.....
Short & Sweet? It is nearly Friday!
Enjoy your weekend...
Linda :o)

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet?

Ummmmmmmmmmm, Steve?

He's short and sweet.

Have a very happy Friday. Hope the birdies make good use of the fluff.

Katherine said...

The yarns are beautiful in the cage! I hope the birds enjoy them.

Our hummingbirds are the sweetest thing we have seen all year. They are smaller than usual and so brightly colored.

As for short--weekends are way too short!

karen said...

happy first of may a day late! I found it wonderful to welcome May and hopefully some nicer weather :)

SissySees said...

Weekends? I am not feeling so sweet right now though, because I need to go put the girls' seat cover in the car, then load them up for our first attempt at walking at the firehouse instead of on our own dang road.

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