Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Best Thank Yous

 I personally think the best thank you is a photo with the baby wearing your hand knits.  This is my co worker Holly's newborn son with the hat I knit for him.  He'll grow into it.  The way this winter/spring is going he'll need it until July….
I don't wear much makeup.  Getting ready for the wedding last weekend, Dayna who was staying with us, offered to do my makeup.
She was genius.  She told me about the above product, Final Seal.
Apparently the Disney Princesses use it on their faces in the heat of the Florida Summers.  
Disney Princesses do not perspire. Their faces do not melt in the heat.  
That's my makeup tip of the day. 

Any tips to share today?


Anonymous said...

Awwwww...what an adorable baby in an adorable hat.

Yes, you are right. Before long his hat will be just the right size. Babies grow SO fast.

Katherine said...

He is so sweet. The hat is a manly color for a boy and he wears it well. What a sweetheart!

White Hot Shooshing Cream is my cosmetics tip. It is great for adding definition and texture to white or blond hair.

Mereknits said...

Love all the photos as I am catching up on blogs. The family wedding looked like so much fun, the chocolate bunnies look yummy. I love Al's hair, she is a gorgeous girl and of course I am excited about the giveaway.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm not a baby person, though I do knit for them - and you're right, there's nothing better than seeing them all cozy in your knits.

Judy S. said...

Cute baby in a great hat!

Lynn said...

So THAT'S how they do it!!! It always amazes me how they don't pass out with all the makeup and clothing they wear when it's a thousand degrees outside!!!

And that baby is adorable!!! He'll still be able to wear it this winter. Which starts in Oct. After it ends in June. Enjoy your two weeks of summer!!!

Nancy said...

I don't wear makeup anymore, so no fear of melting in the heat (that is, if it EVER decides to warm up).

Photos are definitely the perfect way to say Thank You!

elns said...

I love when they send a photo with knitwear donned! Super cute.

Here's my tip of the day for you Kathy, "don't go changin'" ha!

SapphireBlue said...

What a gorgeous model for that hat!

SissySees said...

I agree! Seeing a handknit in action is the best thank you.

I don't wear enough makeup for melting to happen... except with eyeliner. Any tips there?

And wait 'til you see my new hair color. I may text you.

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