Thursday, April 03, 2014

Permission to Pet, Products and Progress

  1.  Yesterday I met a police dog at the local bar. 
  2. This is an Amtrak dog. 
  3. I asked to pet her and was granted the wish.
  4. There was another dog too, a German Shepard named Wolfy that I was not permitted to pet. 
  5. I find working dogs amazing. 

 This is Kathy C's mindless knitting scarf.  I wish I had written down the name of the yarn. It is so soft and squishy and so acrylic. I was permitted to pet it. 

I've got some Product thoughts for you today. 

*I bought a pair of expensive WIGWAM socks this winter. I believe I bought them at Rei.  They washed well, wore well and cushioned my feet well this winter. 

*There is  a new Pet Hair removal product for your furniture:
ScottsBrite pet hair removal starter.
It works.  It takes embedded pet hairs off your couch with ease.
You don't have to rip tape off it like a sticky roll. 

*Our Washer is fading.  It is a front loader. 
I had our top load washer for close to 20 years. 
This F.L. Is loud and ready to croak.
I want another top load. 
Have you had the same experience? 
Plus, its better to FELT in a top load washer. 

*Free Vintage Knitting .com has some cool patterns to peruse. 
The Speedknit sleeveless baby pullover is a definite knit for my future. 


*My friend was wearing a pair of Kuhl jeans/pants.
They are expensive; Im watching for a sale so I can buy a pair for Fireman.  Do you know this brand?

Any Product Tips or Revelations to Share?


Kim in Oregon said...

Love the yarn, love the dog, love that you asked if it was OK to pet the dog (always appreciated by dog owners!).

We've had a front loader and it is possible to felt, only it takes longer. They are more efficient and can generally take bigger loads, but often when it is just a couple this isn't that big of a deal.

Off to get the hair removal thingee. Thanks for the tip!

Katherine said...

My washer quit about six months ago and we bought one of the new heavy duty Maytag top load washers. It has the clear panel in the top so you can see the clothes as they wash and spin. I love it so much I wish we had bought a Maytag years ago. Good warranty and service policy and when Fireman son and DIL used it because their washer had quit they thought it got the clothes cleaner than any washer they had ever used--so they bought one.

I love the shawl and the colors are gorgeous!!

Chrisknits said...

I want to pet ALL THE DOGS!!! I cannot pass up a dog without asking to pet it. As to washers, yes top load is easier to felt with, but I do love my F.L. I find it easier to pass wash from washer to dryer with them both being F.L. Our T.L washer lasted 15 years, we are at 5 years with the F.L. Fingers crossed we get close to the same.

Nancy Kay said...

Working dogs are so cool. When they have an important job, they seem so happy and eager to please. Plus, they have amazing skills! I want to pet every dog that comes along too.

Very pretty yarn...

I still have a TL washer and love it. Mine have lasted a long time.

I enjoyed reading about your latest tips. Have you ever worn Smart Wool socks?? They are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

We have a front load Samsung. It does a good job cleaning, but it is LOUD!!! Our laundry room is between the kitchen and Steve's office and the laundry room is long and narrow. It really accentuates the noise of the washer when it spins.

From Steve's office it sounds like a jet taking off. Our next one will be a top loader, but I haven't decided on brand. I think I have awhile to decide. Our Samsung isn't that old.

TeaMouse said...

We bought a FL when we bought our house 8 years ago and I love it, I haven't noticed it is loud but then it's in the basement so I wouldn't really hear it much. I like that there is no agitator to deal with. Although I've heard you can get top loaders without the traditional agitator now.

Nancy said...

I love my top-loading machine with a stainless steel tub. No nasty rust on my clothes for 20 years. WaHoo!

Too many people do not ask permission to pet service dogs - rude and dangerous for the dog - that falls in the same category as patting a pregnant woman's belly. Rude, people, rude!

Araignee said...

I've only ever had a top loader. I'm too lazy to bend over. I need a drier that's a top loader too. Someone needs to invent one-or have they?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I can't walk by any service dog without asking to pet it!

SissySees said...

The Knight advises you to search out a top-load washer WITH the old-fashioned agitator. Ours doesn't have one and he insists it doesn't clean as thoroughly. I cannot compare, because I only get "filthy" on my trail runs with the dogs, and the running gear is designed to release and all but self-clean.

Tell me about the jeans. I want to go to the denim store in town and get fitted for my ideal match, but I just can't spend $$$ on jeans. (Lilly P, yes. Footwear, yes. But somehow, it seems wrong to spend $$$ on jeans. And yes, I know how to do the price per wear calculations; it's how I justify LP and my spendy boots, but jeans?!)

RedClayLady said...

I'll send you the yarn name; it's a Stacy Charles yarn.

SapphireBlue said...

Aw man! I need something for my comforter which is my cat's favorite hang-out.

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