Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On Topic

Today's Tuesday Topic is :
Knitting knitting and more knitting!
(Really? This is a knit blog?)
IrisheyesLynn (co -founder of this little blog back in 2004) ,
donated the above Regia socks skeins for the Spring String Fling Raffle.
I love this colorful yarn.  My regia socks last forever.
One of you will get two skeins of this cheery yarn as your prize. 
The yarn is made in Italy. 
Keep sending me those string strands ! 
You have until April 30th. 

I will reveal a third prize later this week. 

It snowed on my way home from work last night.
(and despite the snow I could see the moon, so I stayed up until 2:02 to see the Blood Moon eclipse.  It was cool!) 
Did you see it? 

The snowy  white stuff was sticking to trees and green grass.
I don't mind this because I know it will be gone tomorrow. 
My mind is turning to summer knitting …despite the snow.
Do you have any favorite summer patterns to share?
I'd love to check them out.

 Finally, I'm tempted to knit a rabbit.
These little darlings are on Ravelry and the pattern is free.
Hmmmm….I think it is just an Easter thing and my interest will wain in a few days..
I like that they are a seamless knit and that
they don't require too much fussy 
Have you knitted a toy for a child?
The only time I've done so was a one seam teddy bear..
Maybe I'll do that again….
I still have the pattern. 
Wabbits….I love the one and only BUGS Bunny, 
don't you?


Nancy Kay said...

Evidently I did not stay up late enough last night to see the blood moon, but the moon was big, bright white, and beautiful every time I looked to check. It was a gorgeous full-moon night.

Those knitted rabbits are adorable. That's a pretty tempting project!

Katherine said...

Two cutest bun-buns I've ever seen! I just don't think I would have the patience to knit them. I'm all about wide-open knitting right now. I think that this time of year I need big knitting projects to give me a sense of stretching out. Big sigh--I'll be back to normal soon! Love the sock yarn colors.

Nancy said...

I admired the full moon but did not stay up or get up to watch the eclipse.

Love the bunnies but would not take the time to knit them.

elns said...

Okay, I almost put a strand of yarn in the mail today, but I think it's less than a foot, so I'll regroup with a better strand tomorrow. I was thinking all the same things about bunny knitting. I'm officially over it today, since I cast on for another pair of socks at lunch, completely avoiding the baby cardigans I should be knitting.

suburban prep said...

I was ok about the snow and winter until yesterday. I am over winter.
What happened to the 80 degrees we had on Saturday?

I am knitting a sweater pattern that I found on Ravelry with Juniper Moon Zooey.

Debbie said...

I love Regia too. They last forever.
I missed the moon thing even though I was up at 4 with Daddio. It was too cloudy here to see it, I think. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You have had a SNOWY year for sure.

I didn't make it to watch the Blood Moon. I was too tired. I heard on the news that we will get a second chance in October.

Jennifer said...

The first pair of socks I ever knit was made out of that yarn. It's very happy yarn!

I love those Wascally Wabbits.

Lynn said...

Oh that is some great yarn!!!! I love the colors!! My envelope is headed your way!!

I cannot believe you have snow!!! I'm growing tomatoes and already lamenting the heat and you. Have. SNOW. Crazy

Oh those rabbits are adorable!!! I've only ever done one stuffed animal and it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. I've never done another one since..... And I agree, nobody compares to Bugs!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

no moon for me - it was too cloudy here!
Cute bunnies!

Judy S. said...

It was too cloudy here despite that fact that it had been a lovely day.That's a cute bunny! I've knit a lamb, a duck, a teddy bear and a bunny different from yours...all for antepartum samples.

SissySees said...

Ha... I talked to a work colleague in Wisconsin the morning after the snow. We both love Scottsdale, AZ. At least the snow let us get to know each other better.

Megan said...

Those bunnies are very cute, did you end up having a go at knitting one?

Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog :)

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