Thursday, April 24, 2014

Alphabet Soup Post

A quick read: 
I've been reading a bit. 
I Am Pusheen the Cat is spot on. 
I'm halfway through GULP as well.
Non-fiction interests me.
This tour of the digestive system is not for the squeamish.
I'm reading it on the I-pad. 
A first for me!

 C- Call the Midwife…. Al is knitting a baby blanket for a gift.
She's bored…but it is so sweet and lovely. 
 D- Da trees in Virginia were at peak color.
These beauties painted the walks of Suffolk and Norfolk over
 Easter weekend. 

For you Lurkers out there, we Found a music store with this in it. 
I didn't' know y'all had a band.

I learned that at some weddings there is a 
Groom cake. 
A delightful southern gal, friend of Al's, met us for dinner and this came up.   She is a doll.  While we were eating dinner , her husband was training pilots on F-18s. 

To keep her cool, she tells herself 
that Hubby is simply playing video games. 
I think  you'd have to tell yourself that kind of thing.
I always pretended Fireman was just a driver of the rig. 

I learned that if the yarn is too thin, I can't knit with it no matter the needle size.  I can't' see what's happening…

Just returned home to find our Ash tree is
cut down.  We knew it was attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer but we weren't sure when the village would chop it down.
Just thrilled it happened when I wasn't' home.
Just as well.

Knitting…..of course I'm knitting.
Back home and working on my wrap. 

And that's a Wrap for today.
Keep those strands of yarn coming.
The end of the contest is just days away. 
You still have time to send and enter the contest. 


Katherine said...

Currently, for me, A is for Architect. I am reading The Paris Architect and enjoying it very much. I guess a girl can only read so many murder mysteries!

I love the design on Al's baby blanket. I need to find out how to do that for the baby blankets I will be knitting for our new g-grandbaby.

Nancy Kay said...

Oooo, love the flowering tree in Virginia. That is beautiful.

I got a good laugh at The Lurkers' album. I didn't know they had a musical bent either. Interesting. Nice to know.

Nancy said...

Loved this post!

Al's baby blanket is darling. I'd be crushed if my Ash trees were cut down. I have them sprayed faithfully EVERY year and keep a watchful eye on them, too. Any sign of scale and the arborist is called.

Delighted Hands said...

The blanket is gorgeous! So is the flowering trees-enjoy.

(BTW-email me and I will give you the details to make the tube socks for the toddlers!)

Anonymous said...

I love Pusheen! In my neck of the woods, there are always two wedding cakes and the grooms cake usually carries the theme of the groom's hobby. My son is a musician and plays the bass violin and his cake was in the shape of his bass. I'm told that the groom cake is just in case the bride's cake runs out. Never seen that happen - ever.

elns said...

G - groom cake, totally makes me think of Steel Magnolias, specifically armadillo cake. hehe. Fun post Kathy. btw, the yarn is finally in the mail!

Anonymous said...

I think Al's blanket is BEAUTIFUL!

Currently reading The Best 0f 2013 Food Writing. Some articles are better than others. LOL

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Pusheen is so wise!

SissySees said...

You have such bubbly posts! I am going to put some yarn in my purse NOW so I don't forget AGAIN.

Araignee said...

Daughter had an armadillo groom's cake at her wedding. It was delicious but it looked more like a pig.

Judy S. said...

Al's blanket is sure to be a hit; it's lovely! We have those trees also, and what's fun is when their petals start to fall as it's like pink snow. Fun post. Have a great weekend!

SapphireBlue said...

I love that Pusheen Cat.

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