Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Home From the Keys

 The Keys have their very own personality.
Think of vacation where dressing up means putting on a beach cover up.   Gorgeous long hair, pulled back in a pony tail,
is the norm for many men.  
The weather never fails you and 
the colors of the ocean are poetic. 
We had a great vacation. 
 Fireman and I went with good friends Larry and Sandy.
I took my knitting to the beach, the pool, and the patio. 
I knitted and ripped a hat.  Then reknitted  it.  Below is the start of the second try with the hat.  
I finished the baby poncho pieces.  I started a baby stocking cap to match the poncho.  

We were to stay in a friend's condo at the resort.  When we checked in they mistakenly gave us a 4 bedroom Villa with a private pool. (The numbers were reversed) When we got inside and saw the private pool we knew there was an error. 
 We did the right thing and called the desk and  told them, and they let us stay the first night there …no charge.  
The next day we moved to our reserved condo and it was just as nice, but no private pool.  

Unexpected upgrades are a real thrill for us!!
Has this ever happened to you?


Katherine said...

Odd, but we had the same thing happen to us at Disney World a few years back. The difference is they didn't let us keep the condo. I told them they should, but they just looked at me like, "Did she really just say that?"

Glad you had a wonderful vacation!!

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, that beach looks so inviting! Glad you had a great time... and nice to have the extra perk!

Judy S. said...

And didn't you miss some snow? Good timing! Florida is a fun place to visit, that's for sure. All that sun looks very inviting. We've not had your experience anywhere, however.

Jennifer said...

Oh I'm so sorry you had to come home. It looks like paradise. Who doesn't like a good surprise and especially something for FREE! Glad it happened to you.

Anonymous said...

The beach and knitting ---- what could be better?

Glad you had an upgrade. Bet that was fun.

Mereknits said...

Your sister went to Hawaii and you went to the Keys, looks like you both needed so sun and beach time
Hugs to you,

Araignee said...

That looks like heaven!

SissySees said...

Thanks for sharing the sunshine! Sissy loves the snow, and her joy is contagious. Even she doesn't like -2 to start the day though.

Frieda said...

That looks wonderful , sun , sand and WARM weather ! Knitting on the beach , icing on the cake ...

Nancy said...

Nothing beats sun and the beach this time of year! Your photos are fabulous.

elns said...

The pictures are dreamy! How beautiful, and what a treat a free upgrade night.

SapphireBlue said...

Cool upgrade. Living the good life. You deserve it.

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