Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Someday, No-day, To-day

 Last summer at the Chicago Botanic Gardens I took this picture. 
Spring will come( someday)….right?
 I won't knit this, ever, but it is fun to dream. (no Day)
This the the Nuit Blanche Stole, designed by V. Avery 
and published in SOCK YARN STUDIO by Sulcoski. 
The steely blue yarn color is my all-time favorite color. 
(think Crayola Cadet Blue)  

My hat is drying.  Notice the same Cadet blue color in the hat? 
More pictures tomorrow. 

Thanks to all for your fish recommendations.
Katherine, I will try your technique of marinating in Salad dressing -
Our cod was very good last night.   Finally some fish success. 

Did I tell you Alyssa won the Anniversary  Valentine neck/shoulder warmer?
It is on its way to her now. 
There will be more contests and surprises on this 10th year of knit blogging. 


Nancy said...

I have a lot of No-day project ideas. They are wonderful for others, but not for me.

Katherine said...

The flowers are so beautiful. They give me hope for spring--someday SOON!! The shawl is truly a dream. I have started such projects only to get tired of them before they were finished. I wish I had the sticktoitiveness.

I hope you do try the Italian dressing marinade. We love it. We also like Russian dressing as a marinade.

Anonymous said...

Cute hat.

Here's hoping that someday (soon) you will not need to wear a hat.

suburban prep said...

we are getting warmer here

Araignee said...

Cute hat! I meant to knit myself a hat this winter and got sidetracked. Next year.

Judy S. said...

Nice hat in a great color! Stay warm!

Mereknits said...

Love the hat and glad you liked some cod, yum.

Nancy Kay said...

Ha. I have "some-days" that eventually turn into "no-days." But I'd like to think otherwise.

Love the hat...perfect colors!

Alyssa said...

I also have wish list projects, stuff I know I'll never make but I still think about!

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