Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stripes and Cats

 Knitpicks sock yarn hat moving along at a clip.
Ellen I love the striping. 
It was said to snow 2 inches an hour last night;
I can only knit that fast on big needles with biggy yarn. 

 At 17, dear Rosalyn spends much of the day on the kitchen radiator…..snoozing.   She is the sweetest cat you will ever meet.  It is impossible for me to listen to her breath sounds with a stethoscope. She purrs too loudly from the second you go to her. 
I don't understand people who Hate cats.
I don't understand people who hate any animal.
I am afraid of mice, but I don't hate them.
The people who Hate cats almost always have never
been owned by one. 

Our cats in our life began with our marriage.  

Magen (named for Magen's Bay in the Virgin Islands…our honeymoon and a heart shaped beach) 

Fiona (Named for my Irish friend's niece) 

Rosalyn (named at the shelter we adopted her from) 

Radar (Named for his acute sight that compensated for his deafness) 

Beatles (named as part of the Pippa Litter born in our house)

Tank (renamed after we inherited him.  He's rather large.
Now also known as Uncle Tank because he watches over Magpie)

Pie (Named Magpie by the staff at the animal hospital who saved her life. She was brought in by good samaritans who found her on the roadside .  She was a wee kitten who was too long without food or water, and decompensating fast ) 

There you have it.  Striped knitting and 
cat names…..
today's post.  


Debbie said...

My sister brought home the first cat I ever knew from her 3rd grade teacher who was giving kittens away to her class. All you needed was a note to get one. His name was Butch, he was long haired and cream colored and my Dad hated the idea until he got to know him. They were best friends for life. It was a slippery slope after that and we've been drowning in cats ever since. We find some and some find us. It's all good.
Love the hat. Those stripes made me happy.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Such silky fur and such pretty yarn. I love cats and hats both! I used to hate spiders, but at some point realized that they have a function here on earth ... and now I treat them with respect if not affection. Same for snakes.

I still miss our two former cats and dream about them sometimes. After they died I found I was allergic to them, so no more cats for me, alas. Your Pie reminds me of my Max - who was a black Manx and the kitty love of my life. Just writing his name brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy your cats and your yarn! :)

Katherine said...

The hat is beautiful! Gorgeous colors! I love cats and dogs and I even think mice are cute, but I HATE snakes!! Your Rosalyn has such a sweet little face.

Mereknits said...

I don't understand people who don't like animals either, I think they really can't be trusted. I understand not wanting to own one, but hating them is a whole different level I can not comprehend.
hugs to you,

elns said...

Oooo that hat looks delightful! I'm so glad you are enjoying the stripey knit during the snow. As for your cat love, you make me love them more too, even though some (better than all! )make me and The Kid sneeze. The Kid didn't display any allergies till about 2.5 when we found out he was asthmatic as well ... Anyways, he is the biggest animal lover of us all. My husband had cats prior to us, but it's the Kid that can't be torn away from the animal planet, esp. Too Cute! and Cats, and has more stuffed animals than should be allowed.

He's with Mere and really doesn't trust those who hate animals. But you should see him with insects, ha!

I hope he grows out of his allergy.

Nancy Kay said...

Beautiful stripes...

And a beautiful picture of your sweet cat. Truthfully, I didn't care for cats until I was owned by one...and now I love them. You've got a great household of lovely kitties!

Nancy said...

I love cats but recently developed an allergy to them. I grew up with many, many cats. I love to feel them purr

Rachel said...

I am allergic to cats. But I have a chihuahua who thinks she's a cat and that's pretty close. She loves to sleep on my lap while I'm knitting. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Rosalyn is beautiful!

SissySees said...

What a sweet post! Maybe I'll tell you about my cats for ... dogs on Thursday??

Bianca Boonstra said...

I don't hate cats but I can't have them at home too. I am allergic to their hairs. So no cats in our house.Otherwise it is impossible too, though, as all three our sons have asthma. It is for us the most healthy option. In our neighbourhood there are quite a few wondering around though.

I love the colours in your sock yarn - lively and vivid compared to the dark blue that I am working with at the moment. More solids will follow for me though... I have two other ganseys in my waiting list.

SapphireBlue said...

Stay safe with all that snow! Animals are great. The kitty looks so comfortable on the radiator.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I love the way you phrased it, "never been owned by one"... true. true. =) blessings ~ tanna
love those stripes, too!!

karen said...

I agree with you, I prefer animal lovers and wonder about the opposites. Love your brightly colored hat on the needles, so very cheerful!!

Judy S. said...

Cute hat! Just the thing for your chilly weather, too... Love the Roz photo; she is a picture of bliss!

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