Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fill in the blank….. I Should Be

I should be finishing the Noro cowl. 

I should be sewing the short end to the long side. 

I should stick to my plan….

 I should be knitting something more complex than coffee cup covers.    Yet, when I gave away my first two covers as gifts last night, my friends were overjoyed. 
"Those cardboard wraps don't work to keep your hands
from burning up holding fresh coffee!  These are 
wonderful" they squealed.  

So I should just admit that' I'm setting my WIPs aside until I make more coffee cup covers.  

I should spare you the scenery around these parts, 
because it is pretty dismal.  

But here you go: 
this is at the brightest part of yesterday….
That's why I entered Emily's Winter of Discontent Swap.

My partner SHOULD get her fun package from me by the weekend.  

Yarn swaps, that should perk me up…..
I just know it will.


Delusional Knitter said...

Love the nail polish!!! Those coffee cup covers are awesome! I've had more trouble with those cardboard ones slipping and sliding, what a great idea for a gift.

Anonymous said...

I second on the nail polish. VERY pretty.

The thing about knit coffee cup covers is that they stay put. The cardboard ones ALWAYS fall off.

suburban prep said...

You are working well.
Love the nail polish as seems to be the tally so far.
I should be cleaning --my parents condo because I have some siblings who are coming into town.
I just need to knit though. I am uninspired at the moment I don't know what to knit. I have a bunch of stash.
I went to Three Bags last week and there was yarn I wanted to purchase but I held back because I have enough in my stash to make things.
I agree regarding the scenery though that will apparently change soon enough we are supposed to get 3-4 inches on Saturday. Who knows this is Chicagoland wait 10 minutes the weather will change.

Mereknits said...

There is a real, bare beauty in the dismal landscape. Love your nails and your knitted cup holders, you are awesome.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Those shoulda, coulda, woulda things are for the birds, girl! Do what you are lovin' to do and know THAT is just what you "should" be doing. ;) (I tell myself that over and over. LOL) Love your nails, the Noro and those great cup covers! Not to mention those beautiful blue nails. blessings ~ tanna

Nancy said...

Dismal days are exactly why we knit with colorful yarn, right? Keep on, knitting!

Nancy Kay said...

Yeah, the days can be a bit dismal in January...but, girl, you are rockin' it with the blue nail polish!! That caught my attention right away too! That will dispel the "winter blues" for sure!

BTW, nice knitted cup holders; and isn't it great when others are thrilled with your gifts?

Lynn said...

Those coffee cozies are wonderful!!! And they do work! Those cardboard things just aren't enough. AND they usually stay put, where the cardboard ones tend to slide around.

I know you feel that outside pic is dismal, but it actually looks quite pretty to this Florida girl. I know, I'm not living in it from day to day so I can enjoy it more than you can. Guess you don't want to see my bright blue sky pic I took outside my backdoor huh??

and BTW I LOVE your nailpolish!!!!

elns said...

Oooooo awesome nail polish! Perfect for January. Like you tell me Kathy, go with the knitting flow ... gotta knit where and what you want.

SapphireBlue said...

I love your nails. I should be doing lots of things, but right now, I'm being lazy.

RC said...

and guess what arrived today?? the perfect snow day/discontent package !

now I wish I had gotten my partners package out early for her snow day!

off for some tea and new audio book listening... so excited!

thanks for being such a great swap partner

SissySees said...

Love the blue nails and the coffee wraps. What pattern are you using?

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