Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cats and Knitting….again.

Clearly there is room for more cats in our house….
this is a rare camera at the ready, cats in a pose I could never contrive, image….
only Rozzy is missing.  

From the left: 

Beatles, (or  should be a therapy cat….so calm)
Magpie (or  Pie, almost never sits still)
Uncle Tank (or  unendingly patient with Pie) 

 Hooray for 50 dollar Macbook Apple repairs. 

As soon as they called to say my computer was ready I felt my spirits soar.   It wasn't as if I had no other means, but I love familiarity and I'm speedy quick on the MacBook.  
 Forgot to show you our new Christmas Tree Topper the Gnome. 
Clearance at Pier One Imports after Christmas sale 

Finally, the coffee sleeves are entirely Judy and Ellen's fault.

I am attending our annual very late Christmas dinner with two friends tonight.  They each get a coffee/tea sleeve with their other gifts.  

Just look at that stitch definition with the leftover Yarn from Al's cowl and hat in blue. 
The Brown malabrigo isn't shabby either.  

Cast on 36 , rib in the round, cast off. 

Thank you Ellen and Judy for the inspiration. 

What's your favorite Simple Knit?


Anonymous said...

Miles and miles of garter stitch for a blanket???? LOL

Love Uncle Tank's name. It cracks me up.

Nancy said...

Ribbed-cuff socks are my go-to knit when I want to knit something simple - even the heel turn and grafting have become automatic.

Bridget said...

Love those kitkats! (Maybe Rozzy wants a photo all to herself?)

Those sleeves are really nice - and nothing like a quick knit that is also practical.

Katherine said...

We gifted a family member with a large Gnome for her yard and she told me the story of Gnomes which includes the owner giving them a name on receipt, otherwise they get angry with you and you don't want to get on a Gnome's bad side! She took one look at hers and decided he was a Homer. I guess he liked it because he seemed okay with it.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the cats on the couch picture. I found it a challenge to get a good picture of one cat...imagine 3 !! Well done! Ha. I am wanting to knit up some cup sleeves...Judy even sent me the pattern...and I have the yarn to get with it!!

elns said...

The Cat Couch is an awesome photo. It's very sweet, I want to squish all of your kitties. Hehe, I'm glad you went the way of the coffee cozy/sleeves. It's fun to have a quick knit and those yarns are beautiful. I may have to give malabrigo a try again!

Araignee said...

Such sweet kitties all lined up. That blue yarn is to die for. It photographs beautifully. Simple knits? Hmmm...I just made a dog sweater and never realized they were just two rectangles sewn together leaving leg holes. The ones I had made before were in the round and pretty complicated. The simple ones fit so much better too.

Anonymous said...

Cotton dish cloths are a crazy addictive simple knit for me. I've made so many of them I think I could knit them in my sleep.

Mereknits said...

Your friends are going to love these.

Judy S. said...

Fun to see your version! Isn't it a great way to use up yarn scraps? I coupled mine with a Starbucks gift card, and they seemed to be a hit.

SissySees said...

Oh fun! I may have to knit a couple. I have some around here somewhere...

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