Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An old favorite

For the very longest readers you will recall this photo. It is perhaps the favorite of my ten years blogging.  Taken at a B and B when Al, irisheyesknitters founder Lynn and Maureen and I all did a knit over in wisconsin, it still moves me. 

I won't bore you with recaps but I am photo limited until the Apple store is finished fixing the MacBook.

Thanks to Judy and the rest of you, I abandoned all current wips and knit a coffee cozy last night.   
I sat in the kitchen while the amazing hd tv played on in the other room for the men of the house....imagine that my own eyes with 3d capabilities....for free no less. 

I used that gorgeous yarn leftover from Al s hat and cowl of New Years.   Wow the stitch definition just rocks with that stuff. Can't wait to show you

Ahhhhhh the simplest pleasures......
I'm also enjoying these simple pleasures

-posting from my warm radiator perch in the kitchen

-free pandora ballet music 

-my knitpicks broken swift was repaired when they sent me a new part ..and yes they sent it swiftly

-hugging my retired fireman each and every night at home in our own bed......that's the best !


Nancy Kay said...

Yes, the very simplest pleasures are the best!!! Love that photo too. It reminds me of my early years at home when my mom hung all the laundry on the clothesline. Although, she didn't usually do it when snow was on the ground!

Nancy said...

I miss having a clothesline! My mother used her's year round. The clothes froze in the winter, and we'd bring them in at the end of the day and drape them over chairs in front of the fire. Jeans stood on their own and gradually drooped as they thawed. The clothes smelled divine - can't get that from a dryer sheet. Ah, memories!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That is a fabulous photo, Kathy! I've been really working to figure out what it is about a photo that makes me REALLY like it... and it IS the feeling You nailed it!!

The simple pleasures are the very best! hugs and blessings ~ tanna
ps glad that sweet Fireman is nested next to you every night now. =)

Anonymous said...

I just love that last one!

My simple pleasure today is sitting here all freshly showered, wearing my sweats, having a cup of Earl Grey and enjoying everyone's blogs. :-)

elns said...

Simplest and best pleasures indeed. Sent your swift, swiftly ... you're killing me, lady!

Mereknits said...

I know you are happiest when all are home and accounted for. Can't wait to see your coffee cup holder.

Araignee said...

I love hanging clothes out to dry in the sun. I also love washing my hand knit socks and letting them dry overnight over the shower rod. That is one of the few good things I can think of about winter-things dry quickly indoors.

Lynn said...

Is that laundry hanging outside in the snow??? Ok stupid question but wont it freeze???

SapphireBlue said...

I grew up with a clothesline in the back yard. I miss it.

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