Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ready Set GO

I found the yarn for My vest.  
Remix by Berocco is a NON wool 
mix of of Cotton and Nylon and
Linen and Silk.

I'm taking some elements from a few
patterns in Shades of Winter, (great collection of patterns in this book) 
and I'm throwing knit caution to the wind.

I actually knit for gauge....
Which is funny because I don't have a pattern, right?

I took a vest I love and measured it for starters.
It was 3 stitches per inch over 20 inches
for the back, and about 60 stitches. 

My new yarn is 4 stitches per inch over the same 
20 inches, so I cast on 80.....
(Desired over Have) 

I'm not going to very far before I measure it up to the alpaca vest and move into the body of the back. 

Have I messed up already?
Any thoughts? 

Happy KNITTING today! 


Katherine said...

You swatched? You really swatched?? I cannot identify!! I swatched once and everything was all wonky so I never did it again. Anyway, your formula sounds good to me, but that's worth only so much coming from the knitter who messed up a pair of socks so badly that we now use them to cover the mirrors on my car so the Cardinals don't play with them.

elns said...

I am with Katherine, what is this crazy whack funky swatching thing? I am too lazy to try and modify / monitor my patterns for size, ha! I love the yarn, though! Go Kathy, go!

Nancy said...

I don't swatch, but I do check gauge about two inches into a project.

Love the color of the vest yarn.

Knit on, my friend, knit on.

Araignee said...

After all these years, I have finally discovered that the best way to knit something is to make it your own. I don't fit patterns and I certainly don't end up looking like the models in the photos so taking an idea and then modifying to fit you is just brilliant.

suburban prep said...

I just received that book as a birthday gift. What a great book. Love many of the patterns in it.

Best for your vest.

KSD said...

I made a hat and scarf set for a friend with that VERY color of Remix. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

LouLou said...

Well I absolutely love the yarn!!! Can't wait to see it all knit up.

Mereknits said...

You are going to love this yarn, I made the Sawtelle Sweater form it, it is a delight to work with. Good luck on your new projects.

Judy S. said...

Nice! I love Berroco yarn. Great color, too!

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