Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product Reviews IN my Humble Opinion

 My vet sent me this cat hat photo.  
I don't think I"ll be knitting any too soon, but the picture is 
 Have you tried the new Peanut Butter Cheerios? 
Mmmm, I say .  A handful makes a healthy snack. 
 My dogs are usually barking after work. Sometimes it is so bad I cannot sleep.  Dr. Teal's Lavendar Epsom salt soak is so comforting.  It is worth the 10 minute soak to relax before I hit the hay. 
The image is blurred, but Cedar Creek Apiaries 
sells outstanding honey.  This is the Basswood mix. 
Carol O'Brien in Guttenberg Iowa is the beekeeper. 
their number:
563 252 3445
Give her a call and she'll pack up some wonderful honey and send it your way.  Do you know that honey cannot spoil? 

Tried anything new lately?


Nancy Kay said...

Ha...the cat hat does not look like it would be something a cat would embrace. But, never say never. Peanut butter Cherrios? Now, that sounds like a great snack. I guess I haven't tried too much that new lately, but I did buy a mini apple pie from "The Pie Lady" at the last farmer's market. OMG. Talk about delicious! She makes a crust to die for. And the apple filling ...heavenly.

Katherine said...

I love the cat hat. I think that is worth trying!! DH would love the peanut butter Cherrios but I have never liked peanut butter, even as a child. Nutella good--peanut butter bad!!

Anonymous said...

The cat hat made me laugh.

If we had tried that with ANY of our cats, we would be in serious need of medical help ourselves. LOL

Alyssa said...

MMM! I'm going to have to try that honey :)

elns said...

The cat in the bonnet is hysterical. I want it to talk to me in an old-timey voice! I am a true believer in the Epson salts, though, when I read it, I thought your meant literal dogs. And I kept thinking, "how does that work?" LOL. sigh.

Araignee said...

I love Dr. Teal's. I use it all the time.
If I tried to put a hat on any of my cats I would need a ride to the ER.

I tried making potato leek soup for the first time tonight and it was so good I ate it all before I even called The Mister to dinner. He had leftovers and never knew the difference.

Nancy said...

I eat dry cereal all the time for a snack - tasty stuff and usually healthy.

That cat is NOT loving that hat! ;oD

I found some new protein bars last week - Nature Valley - Greek yogurt protein. Yummy!

Grayseasailor said...

Kiwi berries are wonderful! I did not know they exist until a few weeks ago, but having tried them a few days ago, I look forward to buying more.

SissySees said...

Poor kitty. Your cats are lucky you are more considerate.

I need lunch!! I'm thinking PB and honey sammie...

SapphireBlue said...

The hat is a little strange. I haven't had the PB Cheerios, but I have had the PB Cinnamon Toast Crunch and PB Captain Crunch. Very yummy!

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