Monday, October 28, 2013

Going Going GONE

 I finished the skein of yarn so I finished the stole/scarf late last night.  I have to wash and block it but I think it is sweet as is.  Why do I love when a project is one continuous thread of yarn the whole way through?  (I have only two ends to weave in) 
I cannot say it is without any mistakes, but it is pretty close. 
It has been fun but I"m ready for socks.  
 My weekend included a campfire Friday night.
Fireman found some THINGS in the basement while he was looking for his cycling gloves 
(Shudder shudder, who cycles in winter?)
He found a huge box of love letters we wrote to each other when I was away at Miami of Ohio.  I thought we had disposed of them all years ago when the kids got to READING age. :)
So we burnt the love letters together on Friday....
every single one of them.  
No Shades OF Grey about it, they are private and GONE!

(AL's pumpkin carving skills are great!  Here is her owl masterpiece!)


Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Kathy

It is a really gorgeous scarf and fabulous colours. Very striking!

I had heard the tale of La Llorona before from one of my Colombian students ....she told it a little differently but she also said you get lost of different versions depending on what South American country the story-teller comes from. As you said though it does originate from Mexico....a good one for Halloween in front of a bonfire...not a love letters bonfire though LOL!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous Shawl/scarf and great pumpkin!! You and Al are two very talented people! I love Skydive!

When we moved from Chicago to Texas our kids found our love letters and read them. They laughed and cried and said they had a wonderful time. DD says she is keeping them for our grandchildren to read when the time is right. I can't tell you exactly how I feel about that but it is too late to burn them. I just wish I could remember what I said in some of those letters!!

kathy b said...


I have YOU to thank for the Skydive pattern. It took me a while to use it, but it is a WINNER.

Im fascinate that you heard of La Llorana too from another part of the Hispanic world!

elns said...

I love the stole's lovely colors, you really whipped that out! I think that is really sweet that you and the Fireman had a private campfire :)

Yay to socks Kathy! I get it now!

Nancy Kay said...

Kathy, that stole is BEAUTIFUL. Love the colors!! It's going to be wonderful to wear.

Finding old love letters...what fun...but keeping them private...and now gone up in smoke seems appropriate.

The fall photo and carved pumpkin - perfect celebrations of the season.

SapphireBlue said...

I think I would like to do that with our letters, too. Plus, they are cheesy as heck.

I love that yarn. It reminds me a little of tie-dye.

Dee said...

Awwww...that's kinda sad, but I probably would have burnt mine too, if I ever had any.

I threw away my high school year book because of stuff people had written in it.

Guess that's kinda the same thing, huh?

Nancy said...

I destroyed 10 years of diaries/journals several years ago. Now, I write a private blog instead.

Love your stole and the yarn that you used. I'm knitting socks now, too.

Alyssa said...

Burn love letters? Why!? When I was 14 I found a box of my mom's love letters from when she was young (before she met my dad) ... scandalous! But I can't imagine throwing them away.

I don't have any love letters, though :(

Araignee said...

How romantic to burn your love letters that way!
Love the scarf. The continuous thread thing is wonderful. I think it is why I like socks. I was thinking of trying an afterthought heel but when I saw you had to weave in those ends, I changed my mind.

LouLou said...

It's impressive that you had enough love letters to produce a bonfire and the stole is gorgeous! Love the colors!

Mereknits said...

You are so funny, I think that is a great way to dispose of them, together letting the words dissolve into the beautiful Fall night air. Love, love, love the scarf/shawl.

Judy S. said...

Very pretty! What's the yarn?

SissySees said...

Beautiful - the scarf and the burning love.

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