Monday, September 09, 2013

Today's POP quiz:

 It's that time again.  Pop quiz: 

*If you are knitting cables and you lose your cable needle you can: 

a) abandon the project 
b) use a small double pointed needle instead
c) rest assured you will sit on its pointy edge at some time in the near future and find it again. 

(this is one of those quizzes which asks for the BEST right answer.....didn't you hate those?)

*My wedding cake topper collection increased this weekend, due to:
a) the generosity of a friend who was shopping and recalled my collection

b)The two couples I had decided to have babies 

c) begging an old relative to give me her cake topper.

*How can Pie put her leg behind her shoulders?

a) cats have 40 more bones that humans, and they are all found in their spine giving them incredible flexibility

b)she has been watching me cable this week and decided to try it herself

c)I have no idea whatsoever I just wanted to post this picture of her 

*When you organize a swap you get to:

*a) enjoy the progress of each and every stop along the way

*b) worry about if someone will be disappointed

*c) secretly see or hear about what the next person in line is going to get

and Finally

When you have the joy of hearing an owl hoot in your yard and just  then someone shoots off a firecracker you:

a)shrug your shoulders and say , "Oh kids"

b)feel very very lucky to have heard it at all


*c)hope the owl comes back the next night at dusk.  

This question is worth 20 extra points: 

*If you buy these water bottles how on earth
do you clean them.  

*a) who knows? You throw them away after one very special use 

*b)  they magically clean themselves...

*c) : you don't.  We don't clean chicken or newborn babies anymore so we don't clean water bottles. 

Surprise I won't be grading the quizzes, just leave me a comment and you pass!


Nancy Kay said...

LOL! I'm going with b,c,b,c,b,c. And I'm going with the picture of Pie as my favorite. does she do it?? I also like the wedding cake topper collection.

SissySees said...

You are a hoot. That made me laugh!

I am hoping my swap package is at home when I get there. I'm also hoping that a box of books will be, and maybe my Land's End purchases that it's too hot to wear right now...

Judy S. said...

So, can Pie still walk, or is her leg permanently stuck there? Fun cake toppers!

Nancy said...

I never did do well with a Pop Quiz -- so I'll just pass on this one.

Too many projects on the needles to begin another. Therefore, I made a deal with myself to finish current projects so I can cast on with my swap yarn. I may even throw caution to the wind and cast on anyway. After all, it's not possible to make a binding contract with yourself anyway. Right?

On the subject of cables: losing a needle (ummm, misplacing a needle) is precisely why I do NOT like to knit cables.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I'm not drinking from a water container that can't be cleaned. That just seems so yucky.

I'm thinking from the style that you wheedled that cake topper from a relative. ;-)

Katherine said...

I Can't believe Pie!!
1-C Or the dog will find it and chew it.
2-A But B is interesting.
3-C Super flexible cat.
4-A,B & C But they are worth it.
5-C I'll bet he comes back.
Finally-No problem, don't buy them!

Fun post!!

Teri said...

I'm never very good with tests. I keep second-guessing myself, "A. No, B. No, C..."

SapphireBlue said...

I use a spare DPN if I lose my cable needles. Wow! That cat is flexible.

Araignee said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ......
I am going with "all of the above" even though it's not listed.

PS: I always use a 6" double pointed needle for cabling. I hate cable needles. I stick it behind my ear when not being used that way I don't drop it but I do find myself wearing it out in public from time to time.

elns said...

Wow, I like those cake toppers, are they vintage??

I am ready to swap! I will let the appropriate parties know, that things are progressing.

And I have been known to use any pencil, bic pen, laying around if I can't find a spare cable needle or dpn when necessary.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I'm going with
d) use the needless cable method I just learned
a, b, all of the above, c

LOL! Have a good day, Kathy. blessings ~ tanna

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