Monday, September 23, 2013

Best Weekend of the Year

 There was a Union Local  Fire Dept 5K Run yesterday. 
Zach ran, the rest of us volunteered.
Great way to start Sunday. 

 There was a 5 year breast cancer free party complete
with nipple cupcakes.
 Do you remember this FO?  I made the vest years ago - 
It is so warm.  We were outside at the party and my body felt warm and cozy wearing my vest.  I think it was a Misti Alpaca yarn and an Oat C pattern.  It is one of my best FO's.
 There was a baby blanket finish!  Al's modeling it. 
Finally, there was lots of sister love as Pie and
Al got to know one another. 
Allison, she has a HUGS tag on 
and you cannot sneak her into your luggage....

I think there's going to be some BOO HOO-ing 
as my girl leaves today..
Im really incredibly blessed with my family. 
We go through junk together and 
we know how to have fun together too. 

I have to find some kleenex


Anonymous said...

:-( Sorry your girl must go home. Don't forget to do the luggage search and make sure Pie isn't in there. LOL

Such a cute picture of Al and Pie.

Katherine said...

I'm pulling out my Kleenix just thinking of you today! It is so hard to let them go away again. You and your whole family will be in my prayers today.

I love the blanket and the oldie but goodie vest!

Nancy Kay said...

What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Your kids are big blessings! Love the cable blanket. And I think Pie has found yet another source of love. Cute picture!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sending you some big hugs today, Kathy. Those good-byes are tough. Just tough.

I love the kind of favorites that you wear year after year. That's the very best kind of project there is! The blanket is so lovely, too.

Did you check to be sure Pie is still there? blessings ~ tanna

Nancy said...

Love the photo of Al & Pie - adorable, and the finished baby blanket - gorgeous.

Enjoy the remainder of your brief visit.

karen said...

glad you had a good visit, goodbyes are hard though. Lovely knitting and I hope another visit is on your horizon soon!

SissySees said...

Pretty blanket, but love that photo with Al and Pie. Safe travels back to VA, Al.

Mereknits said...

Of course you cried, you love your girl. I cry every time my son leaves even if I am sort of ready for him to go.

SapphireBlue said...

Oh my goodness! I'm dying over the picture of those nips! Pie is going to miss the new friend.

Nicole said...

Eeee! Kitty snuggles!

Also: nipple cupcakes? Wow.

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