Monday, August 26, 2013

 First another Gansey hat. 
It is safe to say the Gansey bug has bitten! 
There are so many motifs included in the book I'm using I could stay on Ganseys until Christmas.....
Pretend friend Major Jennifer visited me last week! 
Fireman met BF and Zach did too.
Jennifer and I have now met twice;
so I'm doubly blessed.
We took them to the Memorial Park
on THE GLEN.   This area used to be the Glenview Naval Air Station. The base was closed in 1995 and the area 
was completely remade. 
The Glen kept the flavor of the Base
in many ways including this brick memorial.

Finally today -

I have two garden tomatoes sitting on my sill.
At a family party yesterday, someone brought a bounty of tomatoes in a bag for all to partake in. 
MMMMM, it is fresh tomato time in Chicago.
what time is it by you?


Nancy Kay said...

The Gansey hat is very nice!! Fun details in the pattern!

How nice to meet a friend as you have done! Great!

It's been so dry here, but local gardeners are starting to harvest their produce. I think we'll been seeing a lot of squash, corn, and carrots. Usually people are trying to give away zucchini...but haven't heard it happening yet. Tomatoes ought to be getting close.

Katherine said...

It's "tomato plants are a dud" time here. It is just too hot in Texas for the tomatoes to want to grow. Other plants in my garden this year are a dud too, like cucumbers. Big vine--no cucumbers! But I do have watermelon and lots and lots of jalapenos!

kathy b said...


Mmmm jalepenos...time for salsa.!

Patt said...

My Uncle was stationed there in the 60's and 70's. We went there often to see him. I lived in Skokie at the time. I got to see the base when I visited a few years ago. Really nice how they did it.

kathy b said...

Thanks for the comment! ! Do you have a current blog I can read?

Nancy said...

Tomatoes are just getting ripe here, but the raspberries are in abundance and taste heavenly!

Anonymous said...

It's always so much fun meeting up with bloggy-friends.

Watermelon, cantelopes and peaches are all fresh at the market this week. YUM to ALL.

SapphireBlue said...

Oh yeah! Tomatoes! A patient is bringing us tomatoes tomorrow. I can't wait.

SissySees said...

Pretty hat. Happy meeting-up. Love fresh tomatoes, but the season is almost over here.

Judy S. said...

Great hat! I need to dig out that book. Peaches and nectarines are good here, but love the Midwest corn!

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