Friday, July 05, 2013

Surprise Surprise Surprise

 Friend Abby is celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary....
husband Milt just didn't know what to get her..
didn't want the same old....

I suggested CASHMERE yarn.   Schulana Cashmere was
his gift to her.  That's a great hubby!! She was surprised...
 Pie's eyes seem to be clearing a bit and less copper colored....maybe I'm just imagining it 
She is the sweetest most chatty thing..Tank baby sits her......which is amazing since he is afraid of almost everything....what a surprise 

My Fourth included knitting on Friend Abby's patio. The sparkle socks are really fun as they knit up.
Abby is making a Regia feather and fan type scarf for a friend.  I would never have used Regia for it, but seeing it knit up ....I love it. 
 What a surprise.  

any surprises in your life recently?


Araignee said...

That's one pretty kitty!
I was surprised when all the potato salad, pie and booze I had yesterday didn't make me sick. Normally a spoonful of any of it kills me but last night I ate an entire potato salad sandwich. I won't try it again today though.

Anonymous said...

No surprises here today.

Pie is so cute. She looks so tiny. Maybe Tank knows she needs a helping paw.

SapphireBlue said...

Didn't do much yesterday. I did knit a few rows.

Katherine said...

Pie is so sweet and cute!! Tank is a love to take care of her. Give him a snuggle for me!

I LOVE YOU SOCKS!! Love the sparkles and the long, fold-down tops! Must make some like them.

kathy b said...


HA HA and I think you may actually have something going there re: our husbands and gifts to come!!!!

Let me know you anniversary and if cashmere fits your needs!!!

kathy b

Nancy said...

It must be sweet to watch Tank and Pie together. So glad to hear that Pie's eyes are improving.

Love the sparkles in your socks.

Judy S. said...

Nice socks and cute, cute kitty. Our big surprise is the sunny weather instead of June gloom. Usually the sun doesn't show up until mid-June.

SissySees said...

Pie is darling. Do you have photos you can look at side by side to confirm or deny the potential clearing?

And animals are so sensitive, Tank might well know Pie needs TLC.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, Pie is sooooo cute!

Surprises? Well my brother deep-fat fried some catfish. And I liked it!! Previously, not so much. I think it's all in the way it's prepared.

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