Monday, July 29, 2013

Nighttime Eating and Knitting

 Uncle Tank is very busy these days. 
He takes it upon himself to babysit Pie.
If I want to know where little Pie is, I look for Big Tank. Isn't he gorgeous? 
Now that I have given up soda, I need to change another thing about my diet.  
I eat at night. 
I rarely eat breakfast.....
I know I know it is the worst way to eat ...THEY say.

So how do I change when I'm hungry? 
Do you have this issue?

Knitting used to keep my hands busy at night, but I've learned to snack while I knit....
it isn't hard....
Knit purl knit purl
grab some m and m's 

Knit purl knit purl
take a bite of a cookie

Knit purl knit purl
leave the house and go get some ice cream

Thoughts?  Techniques?  Scoldings?


Mereknits said...

That is a tough one because I snack, too. I think what I have to do is limit myself to a certain amount. If I allow myself a little, then I feel like I have at least got something fun but I am still watching it.

Good luck,

suburban prep said...

Homers is always a good place to go for some good ice cream though a bit pricey.

Bridget said...

Oh, Tank is quite handsome! I'm glad he is taking care of Little Pie, whether or not LP feels he needs taken care of ...

I used to be an evening snacker, and still am occasionally, but I find that if I fix myself something to drink (currently my fave is seltzer water with some lemonade), I can keep from eating. For what that is worth.

SapphireBlue said...

Same problem here. Knitting does not prevent me from snacking.

Anonymous said...

The real question is ... ARE you hungry? Or, do you just want to eat.

Sometimes my mouth is hungry to chew, but my stomach is not rumbling. Only willpower takes care of that.

Would you eat some plain yogurt? A cottage cheese? Some celery and peanut butter. If not, you aren't hungry. You just want to eat.

Night time is my bugaboo too. I use the above questions and the answer is usually . . . I'm not physically hungry. I just want to chew.

Nancy said...

Tank is handsome, indeed! Glad to hear that he has a compassionate side, too.

If I could control my own snacking, I could offer some advice. Sadly, I snack waaay too much.

elns said...

Tank truly is a handsome kitty. I wants to squish him!

When you figure out how to beat the evening snacking let me know. Sometimes I just liquid snack, which is milky sweet tea. I think it's all a wash, so lemme know what you learn.

gMarie said...

Tank is very handsome indeed.

I'm not a big fan of breaky either. So I've been making baked oatmeal and then I take it to work. So I don't eat first thing, but have it about 2 hours after I've been up. It's filling and fills like something a bit naughty.

As for the snacking and knitting - well - I've got nothing. g

Araignee said...

I've been doing some naughty night time eating myself. When I worked, I was asleep by 10. Now I knit and watch Netflix all night and get hungry. It's a very bad habit, my midnight snacking. Every night I say I am going to stop and I still find myself tip toeing out for something terrible. I just had a gin and tonic and a handful of Tostitos. Seriously.
That is one handsome kitty. I think he has my fellow beat and Herbie is quite a looker himself.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Tank IS a beautiful big guy. ;) I do pretty good at night with snacking... it's just ALL day long (so I'm full at night). I'm really starting to believe the key is to cut the sugar. Such a bummer though. =( blessings ~ tanna

SissySees said...

Tank is quite the looker!

I am not a big breakfast eater, and I have to be up at least a couple of hours to eat at all. THEY aren't always right. Our bodies are machines and we're not all built the same way.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm trying to train myself to snack on things like Clementines ... healthy and too sticky to eat while knitting!

Katherine said...

Knit purl knit purl
grab some m and m's
You could write a song with those words!! I had to ditch the snacking to lose the weight I wanted to lose but I started again. So, I started juicing at the urging of fireman son. We bought a juicer and are drinking a variety of fruit and veggie juices. It is so refreshing and filling and satisfying! I love it! I still drink sodas though. That's another problem!

Grayseasailor said...

while I am late to join the discussion, I find it very thought provoking...and am prompted to type that I have always had a grazing eating pattern and only managed to be close to an ideal weight for about what felt like 8 seconds of my 62 years. However, I have not given up! The key for me, I think, is to graze on foods that I enjoy but are good for me. I have not perfected my choices or the amount of my choices, but I think I am at least headed in the right direction...even though I can knit and snack, too :) Do you like sugar snap peas, Kathy?
Gracie xx

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