Monday, July 15, 2013

Meeting Channon in Charlottesville!

 On our way to visit Allison in Virginia last week I got to meet Channon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretend friends rock. Pretend friends give up their day to show you their town.  Pretend friends give you gorgeous sock yarn from their part of the world.  

C-Charolottesville endeared itself to me.  Channon 

H-hosted us for the day.  Fireman and Channon had much to discuss.  Channon, being a former full-time firefighter, kept right up with Fireman's vernacular.

A-All y'all would have loved to be there.  Although the heat and humidity are unlike anything in Chicago, Channon barely perspired.  I, on the other hand, could feel the sweat running down my back.  
She has a pretty southern sound to her speech that is  
soft and also unlike our Harsh Chicago accent.  (I want to talk like Channon...I really do) 

N-No where could you find a better person to spend the day with in the quaint and lovely Charlottesville.

N-Now we know what the GROUNDS are; they are University of Virginia's campus.  Now we know why Sacajawea is crouching for her life in the town statue. 

O-Oh the The Needle Lady is a fabulous yarn store. 
I wanted to purchase a pattern unique to their store, but there were none.  Having just received gorgeous sock yarn from Channon, there was no need to buy any yarn.   I have started Lace socks with the yarn.  
That yarn deserves Lace. 

N-Now for the rest of the story.  There is so much to tell.  Our trip was so fun.  Al met up with Channon and Fireman and I in the afternoon.  AL has now met two pretend friends, and Fireman has met one. 
(Donna Boucher of Quiet Life was Al's first)  I have met 3 total:  Jennifer Jackson, Major Knitter too. 

Gretchen Greer was not feeling her best so we didnt get to meet.  Next time!  Sissy too.  (Channon helped me understand EYE issues as Pie is blind ) 

Channon is my blog fashionista.  She wore a smart 
Land's End skirt and understated top for the meet up. 
She took us to a fabulous place for Lunch and I cant recall its name.....(help Channon please)  

We talked knitting, we talked dogs, we talked Fire stuff and we talked about Women and our roles.  It was great to hear about her Junior League.  

Channon taught AL and Fireman and I about the three -fold goals of the League.  

Channon gives amazing directions even to a confused and flustered Al on the phone!  

Channon thanks for a great day in C'ville.  We won't forget it!!!

(I have enough to blog about for a week; I'm sure of it.  Still to come: wildlife stories, vineyards, Monticello, Dolphins, Storms, Golfing, the Zoo in Norfolk and life with Al and Nathan) 

Did I surprise you???


Nancy Kay said...

You had a wonderful day...Yeah for all y'all! I don't know how you can stay feeling fresh in that heat and humidity! Whew! Very nice pictures too!!

Katherine said...

It all sounds so wonderful!! Color me green (with envy) because I want to meet ALL of you--everyone of our blogging buddies!! What's a little heat compared to the pure pleasure of a meeting between Kathy and Chan? Love it!

SapphireBlue said...

Very cool! Norfolk Zoo is nice.

elns said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a good time. I can feel your happy! That yarn looks Dee-lish!

Sue said...

They may not be visible but some of my blog friends have become very real. I've only met one in person, but I've adopted and been adopted by a couple others.

It sounds like a wonderful trip.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

How fun!!! AND great yarn! Can't beat that with a stick! blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

Nope ....not surprised. Just very happy that you had a great time.

You seem like the kind of person that would make everything fun.

Donna said...

You think your accent is harsh? Try this New Yawk accent right hereeee!
(with a little New England mixed in). Glad you had a great time!

Alyssa said...

I'm glad that you had a good time! I have only met one of my online friends in person, and we hit it off. Looking forward to hearing more stories of your adventures :)

Mereknits said...

I'd say you both look pretty adorable standing in front of the yarn store. Hooray for meeting wonderful blogging friends, for having a great time together and for spending time with Al.

SissySees said...

I'll blog tomorrow to fill in the blanks. It was truly my pleasure to abandon work for a day and see podunk through the appreciative eyes of friends. You, Fireman and Al are all thoroughly delightful!

(Hint: lunch was FINALLY had at a place named for yet another president.)

gMarie said...

I would have loved to spend the day with you. Channon does indeed have a soft lovely accent and pretend (I call them Velveteen) friends are the best! Glad you had a wonderful day. g

Nancy said...

Fantastic post - so glad that you and Chan were able to meet and tour the town. The photo of the two of you is fantastic.

I would melt into a puddle of sweat if I was in that heat and humidity!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun trip! It's always fun to meet blog friends.

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