Sunday, July 07, 2013

Irisheyes Endorsements

 I'm really just confirming what Katherine at 
believes.  This 02 cool fan came from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It hangs around your neck and sends a breeze up towards your face.  However did I live without this?
It is battery operated.  
Katherine, you are a smart friend in addition to being very!

 I have big hair and I cannot lie..
Nothing tames this mane..except 
 Zach got me started on LUSH hair styling creme.
The little company is located in Lincoln Park
They are pricey, but this cream makes this LEO 
mane look really good.  I go from frizz to 
softly scultped, defined hair in seconds.   
As far as Knitpicks new sport weight Brava, the jury is out.  I got it during their 'try it' sale, and it looks wonderful. I'm knitting another Linus Dog 
sweater in these colors. 
This sweater is for a dog...this time

Today's final endorsement is for 
Folger's coffee.  We ran out of Starbucks/Seattle's Best etc.  The only place open late was a gas station in town.  They had Folgers.  I tricked Fireman that night and he gave the coffee a thumbs up the next morning.   Just think of the money I'll save on coffee that can go towards yarn....

Endorsements anyone?


Toni said...

A fan you can wear? I love it! It's supposed to hit 94 today which is predicted to be the "low" of the week. Sigh......

Anonymous said...

I endorse baby powder. It makes knitting in the summer humidity so much easier. No more sticky yarn.

suburban prep said...

The humidity and my hair do not go together. It is pulled back in a ponytail half the summer.

Nancy Kay said...

The fan sounds FANTASTIC. Wish I had heard about it sooner...a good fan around the neck could be a life-saver!

I would have to endorse Pink Papaya products. Man, they are the best. Sugar scrubs, lotions, mascara, make-up, bath salts, and's ALL good. They are sold through a rep (like the old Avon parties). It's all natural ingredients, and the smells are heavenly.

Nancy said...

I love wearing TOMS in the summer, but my feet sweat like crazy, making the leather insole tacky and uncomfortable. My endorsement is for Baby Cornstarch. I sprinkle a bit in each shoe, shake it around, and no more tacky insoles. I can wear the shoes all day comfortably. Bonus - no smelly feet!

Judy S. said...

So would you believe our furnace is running at this very moment? I'd endorse Sorbet, any brand, almost any flavor! Yum!

Mereknits said...

A fan that goes around your neck, I live in Florida how did I not know about this? I am endorsing puppies today, nothing like a puppy to make you smaile.

Lynn said...

Hey I see your Knit Picks order came in!!! How long did it take or did I miss that post??

Oh and I'm gonna need that neck fan for the next school field trip! What a great idea!

SissySees said...

I endorse afternoon naps on rainy days. Not for me, but the fur-girls are content.

elns said...

My endorsement is for these pants from the Gap. I do not work for them -- but I would if they promised me a lifetime supply of these.

I wear them around the house and they make me soo happy. So comfy and they fit nicely and they are great when I don't feel like the full length and compression of my usual yoga pants.

They are thin but don't worry, I don't leave the house in them.

SapphireBlue said...

Oh gosh! It's so hot. I need one of those.

Anonymous said...

Fan is a great idea, may have to go to BBB and get one tomorrow. I don't have a really discerning palate, coffee has to be REALLY bad before I really notice, but Mr. Iknead prefers Starbucks above all others. Thanks for sharing.

Alyssa said...

I love, love, LOVE Lush! When I was in college I went to their store twice a year to buy toner and face lotion. Now that I moved away they ship to me. Once the toner arrived damaged (wouldn't spray) and they replaced it for free, no problems.

I really like the new Edy's Outshine bars. They are like the Dole Fruit bars but with more flavors! That's my endorsement of the moment... I'm sure I can find more.

kathy b said...

So Pink Papaya ...I must try them.

I wish I could I wear those pants from the Gap Ellen.

Mrs. Micawber said...

That fan is genius.

I am endorsing the Cuisinart Ice-21 Ice Cream Maker ... decadent ice cream from clean ingredients in practically no time at all. :)

Folger's is a dirty word in our house, I'm afraid. Mr. Roast-Your-Own would probably never countenance it. But it would be interesting to try it on him and see what he said....

Susanne said...

I love quite a few Lush products and have put them into my Friday's Fave Five posts. "Whoosh" is my all time favorite bath wash and "Ocean Salt" is an excellent scrub.

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