Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Joys

 Not my clematis-
 Not my peony-

--But this IS my new knit picks Stroll handpaint in the color way: Lakeview. 

Let Mizzle Shawl number 2 begin! 

I parkway picked 3 white chairs for the
porch yesterday.  They needed some bleach but they are fine for a party.  

Have you parkway picked?
Dumpster dived?
Treasured some trash?


Katherine said...

No trash treasures lately, but I have a chair that is going to the curb today. I hope someone enjoys it and puts it to good use!

A treasure of another sort is the cute little sofa we found at Big Lots last week. It is a great addition to our family room and proves that, like trash treasures, we don't have to spend a ton to have great design!!

SissySees said...

I was struggling with "parkway picked" in the first sentence. Thanks for using it a second time so I could figure it out!

I am finding my WalMart Danskin Now purchases are some of my favorite workout pieces. Does that count?

suburban prep said...

No I have not done that but people have done it to our stuff left out on the parkway on Sunday evening.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is GORGEOUS! That will make a BEAUTIFUL Mizzle.

Yes .... I have trash picked. I got two rocking chairs for our porch that way. They were out in a neighbors trash.

Last week I found a hot-shoe flash for my camera on the beach in New Smyrna. It even still WORKS. Not *exactly* trash picking, but still a lucky find. P.S. Did try to find the rightful owner, but on a huge public beach ...didn't.

fancystitching said...

I have that SAME yarn, and I just got it wound this morning. I love the colors. Stroll hand-dyed are my favorites!

I have never trash picked, but my husband is the king of dumpster diving, as we call it here... no curb pick-up so we haul things to centrally placed dumpsters. He is friends with the guy that runs it, so he kind of looks the other way as hubby pulls stuff out. He has gotten some really useful things there!

Nancy said...

Very few parkways around here, so I struggled with the phrase, too.

I thrift shop all the time, but have never searched dumpsters. If something is on the curb with the trash that I looks interesting, I'd check it out. ;oD

Love the colors of the new yarn - yummy!

Anonymous said...

You bet I have!

elns said...

I am always working on getting rid. No intake allowed. I did take an office chair from a neighbor moving out once. It is now filled with clothes that I tried on and didn't wear to work. That yarn is awesome.

Mereknits said...

No I haven't I have so much stuff already that I need to get rid of I don't need more. Love your new yarn.

Araignee said...

I leave stuff on the curb all the time and it disappears by the next day. It's easier than a yard sale or donating. Once I had someone return something which was a bit humiliating.
Love that yarn. KP has some great new colors.

Frieda said...

The yarn is gorgeous , may go have a look see at knitpicks again . Haven't bought anything from them in ages .

Yes , I've come home with someone else's trash . We found some pretty nice wooden chairs that our son Max was more than happy to have or his cottage , they just needed a little sprucing up .

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That Lakeview is so yummy!! Look forward to seeing your next Mizzle version! Yep, I've procured a few treasures from some spots they have been discarded. ;) Congratulations on your score! blessings ~ tanna

Lynneb said...

I adore is one of the flowers that did not move with us when we came to our little bungalow. I MUST put clematis on my list!

Nicole said...

Lovely flowers, lovely yarn!

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