Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tiny Pictures Big Post

 I'm in a chatty mood today.  If you want the short version it is: 
*Sock finish.  Lorna's laces Rust heels and toes.  
*Crabtree in it's glory
*Adorable Garden Cakes at 3 Tarts Bakery
If you are up for the long version, thanks and here goes!

The socks are adorable and will be a child's gift.  I worked a round toe and loved how it finished.  

I copied one of you, (Sorry who was it?) who matched cuff, heels and toes in solids lately.  
While I love the effect, it means I ultimately have more ends to weave in. 

I prefer to knit socks in one long continuous strand. It is magical to me that way.  Then, of course, I only have the start and finish ends to weave in.  Am I lazy or what?

I've been encouraged to write some poems for children and I'm working on it.  Poetry is more my way than stories.  I'm completely bragging but Zach got a poem published in a Chicago publication and its fantastic.  We just got our copies. 

It is in Spanish or I'd ask to reprint it here.  Maybe I'll get him to translate it if anyone wishes and post it here.  IT is about his city, Chicago.  I'm really proud of him.  

My new life without working weekend nights is amazing.  I am not a ball of energy like I wished I'd be, but I don't nap EVERY day.  

I have a 3 shift weekend requirement over 6 weeks.  So, for instance, today (Sunday) Im working 3-11.  
I always pick this shift to work.   Pm's or PUMS as we call them, means you can sleep in and go to bed late. 
This is my body's cycle of choice.  Always has been.  It is also just an 8 hour shift......and that's a joy!  12 hour shifts are not my friends...

We have the most adorable little girl who visits her baby brother on the unit. She was ours a few years ago. Her brother is on this high tech ventilator and it jiggles his body.  Her eyes lit up as I walked in the room the other night and she exclaimed, 'MY baby is dancing!  see?'  Out of the mouths of babes...

Finally this morning, and thanks for those who indulged me, is the topic of cell phones.  The photos in today's post are from my i phone.  That's why they are so small.  I can't enlarge them on Blogger if they are from my cell phone. 

I thoroughly enjoy my cell phone. I certainly don't need it.  I'd love to have the Jeopardy clock as my phone ring tone but I dont know how to arrange that.  
I do not text while driving.  That's impossible, I can barely drive and drink a coke at the same time while in Rhonda my stick shift Honda. 

I do occasionally talk on the phone while driving..but I shouldn't .  I say things like, "Hold on I have to shift" and I do it, but I vow to stop.  I have been known to pull over to talk on the phone;I think that's the best way for me. 

Happy Sunday.   Thoughts anyone?


Mereknits said...

My goodness you are chatty. Congrats to your son, big accomplishment, love the socks. i love my cell phone although I am terrible at texting and have no idea how to download a photo, and I don't care to figure it out. I am cleaning my pool tile today, boy and I exciting.

Nancy said...

So glad that the new work schedule is making you and your body happy.

I haven't driven a stick shift for over 20 years: it's hard to believe it has been that long. I've owned two stick shift vehicles: a Toyota Tercel and a Ford pickup. Both were hardy and faithfully got me through the mud and snow. I loved both of them, but certainly would not drive them in a city. How do you manage?

Love the photos and the mental image of the baby dancing.

suburban prep said...

You are doing better than I regarding phones. I have a cell phone but it is a flip and only for emergencies.

That is great about the poem.

Love Love Three Tarts. That is where my wedding cake came from. One of my sisters loved the cake so much that she got her wedding cake from there and each birthday now pretty much gets the cakes from there as well. my mother had her 80th birthday in January and the cake was from Three Tarts and the celebration was next door at the Happ Inn. My father's 85th birthday was last month and again the cake came from there. Celebrated at Hackney's.

What a great photo of the tree. Love the blooms now.

Good luck on your shift.

fancystitching said...

I am with you on weaving in yarn tails... I despise it. But I DO love the way your socks look with matching toes, heels, and cuffs. Really cute! I am glad to say the stick shift is a thing of the past for me. My little Nissan was a very good car, but I am glad I don't have to go there any more. Good luck on the poetry writing. I yearn to write more, but don't seem to be able to make the time right now... thus my blog is languishing!

Grayseasailor said...

While lots of folks around me use bluetooth ear thingies with their cell phones while driving, and one friend just pokes a button on her steering wheel to talk, I would rather stop and talk than try to figure out how to use the other contraptions :-)

Gracie xx

Araignee said...

So funny! My Mini is a stick shift also and I do the same thing. I have to tell people I am chatting with to hold on while I shift. It is totally illegal here in MD to do that but it is a hard habit to break. Lately I have been putting my bag and my phone way back in the hatch so I can't get it while I am driving.

Katherine said...

Congratulations Zack!! I would love to read his poem.

The socks are beautiful. That's one of my favorite ways to knit socks because it helps me get rid of left over sock yarn, but I understand about weaving in the extra ends. I don't like that either!

I fuss at DH all the time about talking on the phone while driving. I have finally convinced him he has to pull over to talk and he is getting better about it.

SapphireBlue said...

I like the solid colors on the toes and heals.

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