Saturday, May 18, 2013

Panicky Thoughts

 *I have startitis.  I've never had it before.  
* I think part of the affliction is you don't care that you have it. :)
* I will finish Lorna's socks today before I cast on 
anew with above Misti Alpaca.

Now for the Panic:   

*A moth flew from family room where I store my yarn  yesterday and I panicked the rest of the day. 

*I don't see damage.  I put those skeins in a plastic bag and threw it in the hot car.  It is supposed to kill any moths. 

*There are millions of moths in Chicago summer. How can I win this battle?  I hear lavender is a natural repellent. I wont do Moth balls.  

*Last year I had A moth and went sort of crazy about it.  

*I think I called this to me.  I was fretting about moths last week and didn't even see any. 

*My cats are supposed to be on moth control. 

*I swear I dont have a dirty home.  

*I feel like one must feel if their kids gets head lice.

*I put all my yarn in plastic bags last year EXCEPT for the yarn in my wooden upright cd case.   

*This is a message not to stash yarn .....isn't It??

*I think the moth flew out of the LUNESTA commercial...and into my house.

*Have you ever had a moth fly into your sock drawer and eat your good hand knitted socks?  I am imagining all kinds of things now....

*I am all natural and all that but I'll go to DEET if I have to to win the battle.

*AL Says they have dryer sheets with lavendar in them.  

*I don't like my yarn in plastic bags.  

*Will the moth come in and eat my new blanket that I worked so hard on in January?

* me get a GRIP!  

*Maybe I can invent something........I could make millions. Something that lures moths to it...and away from wools...
like a 
C a n d l e.   

*We're going down.......S O S 

Save our Stash


Nancy said...

I'm in the habit of placing any "new to my house" yarn in the freezer for two or three days, even yarn I purchase from a yarn shop or online store. Most of my wool is stored in large plastic tubs with lids or in zipper bags.

If you don't want your wool in plastic bags, then put it in pillowcases and secure the end really well with a long twist tie or better yet, tie a knot in the open end of the case.

suburban prep said...

Totally have start itis all the time.
I decided that I will try and finish a few projects before starting something new. I constantly want to go to 3 Bags but because I am always driving in construction (Willow Rd) I never have enough time to go there and then make it home at a decent hour. As it is it takes me about 60-75 minutes to get home (14 miles).

I put my yarn in Ziploc bags that are almost like the Space Bags. But then I am trying to use up the extra yarn I just happen to find.

Mereknits said...

I have startitis all the time, and I think the moth just flew in and flew out, no wool was hurt in this little escapade.

Teresa said...

Breathe, Kathy just breathe. In. Out. In. Out. In. See, now that's much better isn't it?

Relax. :). As for the startitis, mine is chronic and incurable. I've chosen to embrace it and just have fun with the yarn. After all, that's what it's there for.


Katherine said...

There is no such thing as a message NOT to stash yarn!!! As knitters we are commanded to stash as much yarn as we can find a tiny space for!

I keep my yarn in a cabinet with cedar blocks. That is the main reason I wash and block everything I knit--to get the cedar smell out of it. Anyway, no moths!!

How about those Cubbies!!!!

Araignee said...

Oh my, moths.....I had an attack of crazy mothitis a few years ago when some knitted things showed some damage. I never found the critters-just the holes. I store important things in plastic tubs with dryer sheets. All of my stash is in plastic bags too-which I hate because I can never find anything. Wool eating moths, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas all I can say is...why?

Grayseasailor said...

uhhhhh, Kathy. I have had several moths flying about recently, but I never entertained the thought that they are after my yarn. No indeed. They may not have it. I have read about freezing yarn but have never done it. I have thrown lavender here and there amongst my possessions because it smells good.

So far my yarn is safe, but as for startitis maybe we should worry about that :-)
Gracie xx

LouLou said...

I will have to try the dryer sheet idea. I haven't seen any moths yet but better safe than sorry I always say. Moth balls are so obnoxious smelling. Lavender would be much better if it works.

KSD said...

All my yarn is in cardboard boxes. Never had a moth issue, though, like yours, our cats wouldn't help much if we did.

Teri said...

Oh man, I can relate to ALL of this...I used to put my pure wool yarn purchases in the freezer when I got them, but I've been remiss and stopped. I am always on high alert for moths around here. I think the best approach is to embrace the startitis, I know I have, and I'm at peace with it.

Nicole said...

Cedar and lavender both work nicely. I have a packet of stuff with cloves in it from a knitter friend which is lovely, too.

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