Friday, May 03, 2013

Finish: Baby Poncho and Freelance Hat

This magnolia is one of so many that are cheering up the landscape in my area.  My mother-in-law called them tulip trees.   Their leaves are fragile and they blossom only until a spring zephyr pulls them onto the grass below.   Yes I have played with the image on PicMonkey again.....
my favorite free editing site.  Try it, You'll like it!
I finished the baby hat and washed the poncho with it this morning. 
I sort of held my breath as it went into the washing machine. 
If you want it to be well worn, then it has to be able to be easily washed, in my book.  
Babies are spitty creatures..I know.  

I wish I had a baby to model it for me.  I think 
the laundry bottle I wrapped it around, doesn't do it much justice.  This is a gift for a friend at work who is expecting his first girl this summer.   Aaron is so in love with his wife June.  They are going to be great parents.  

So to recap: 
Yarn is acrylic: Debra Norville I think
Pattern is modified from : 
Hooded Capelet 
from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies. 
Many of her patterns have seed stitch borders. 

The truth is, I don't like seed stitch one little bit. 
I do love the poncho shape however and I may cast on another. 
What would you suggest? 

The pictures I took of it don't do it any justice. 
I'm off to find a baby model.....
wish me luck!


Judy S. said...

I just succumbed yesterday and bought "your" poncho book. Thanks. Now I have to check out PicMonkey. Have a great weekend.

Mereknits said...

Seed stitch is a huge time suck, I will do about anything to avoid it.
Hugs to you,

SissySees said...

I use PicMonkey at home, and don't do any editing at work anymore.

suburban prep said...

I am thinking of making something for my niece who will be 2 come Flag Day. It is a miracle that she is alive. Boy does she have a personality on her too. She loves pink and anything shiny. She is always scooting over to me or my mother when we have anything shiny on (due to her health issue she doesn't walk). it is amazing that she loves pink given that she has three older brothers who are all into Star wars and legos.

Nancy said...

Seed and/or Moss stitches are not my favorites. Yes, babies are spitty creatures, and ANYTHING hand-knit for them must be easy care.

Nancy Kay said...

The neighbor's tree is spectacular!

You mean we have to WAIT to see the finished outfit??? LOL.

Araignee said...

Our blooming trees are history and making a huge mess all over the place now. I have to laugh when I see the neighbors yards and cars covered in pink blossoms.
I can't wait for the big reveal! I have images of you trolling a grocery store for a baby to put in it.

Katherine said...

I guess I am odd man out here because I love seed stitch. It is my absolute favorite knitting stitch.

That tree is gorgeous!! They do make a mess when the flowers fall but they are well worth the necessary clean up!

Can't wait to see your poncho and hat!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous tree!

Have a great weekend.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I can see it now... Kathy on the search for the perfect baby model! I can't wait to see!! Baby or no. ;)

I hate doing the seed stitch, too, or ribbing... the constant moving of the yarn to the front... to the back.. but, I do like the results!! blessings ~ tanna
ps hope you had good luck with a model.

LouLou said...

Pretty tree!!! Now if you had a Yorkie you could have it model that poncho and hat. :-D

SapphireBlue said...

Very beautiful tree.

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