Saturday, May 25, 2013

Answering Some of Your Questions :)

 I want this pony.......Friend Karen is amused by such projects...she's working on one for me. I have always wanted a pony.  However, that is not our topic for today.  I would love to answer some of your questions.  
*An number of you have asked how I got Beatles to walk on a leash.  The answer: very slowly.  

It took about a month of patience to get him to the outside point. 

I'm no expert. I googled it and watched how others have succeeded.  First off, he's a mellow mellow fellow.  I doubt my other cats would do this.  You start by purchasing a good vest. 

Ours has velcro and a clip for the leash.  I found it on line somewhere.  Ours is called TSA Fast Pass.  I don't know why...

They suggest you just lay it on top of him for the first few days and give him treats.  Let him smell it etc.

Then you put it on him loosely and give him treats and tell him how amazing and handsome he looks.  

You do this for less than a minute.  On and off.  

Then a forever later you put it on him snuggly. All of this is done INSIDE.  He will lay down as if he's paralyzed by the thing.
Thats okay.  Keep on praising him. 

WHen the moths are flying out of your lawn or the cicadas have hatched or the butterflies are around, take him outside in it.  

Expect him to do the paralyzed routine on the ground, and hold on to that leash because....once he spots a flying thing he'll take off and forget he's wearing a silly harness. 

THEN you have succeeded.  HE will beg you to take him out into the yard with you.  The neighbors will laugh at you behind their curtains and point.  

I have never taken Bea out of the yard on his leash.  He's happy in the yard and so am I .   

That my dear friends is how I got Beatles acclimated to the leash.  

Next up: the explanation of Dishrag Tag:

Emily Ivey of Yarn Miracle blog has co ordinated this event many times.  A box of a dishcloth and trinkets is sent to the first member on your team.  The team member  takes out the cloth and trinkets.  She then must begin to knit a dishcloth per Emily's instructions.  (he or she, forgive me male knitters) 

She must knit it fast and furious.  All previous appointments must be cancelled until she has knitted the dishcloth and filled the SAME box with trinkets. Then she hurriedly gets to the post office and mails it to the next team member. 

THe team that mails the box back to Emily first-  wins some fabulous little prizes.  Emily arranges the teams fairly.  
The TAG begins after Labor day when our lives are less crazy.

It is such fun.  I had no electric power the day our box arrived one year.  I knit in the dark by candlelight to get the thing in the mail the next day!  Fireman swore it took a few years off my life.  There is team pressure.  It is all good fun.  
Try it. YOu'll enjoy it!  I'm in again this year....

That's all for today. Happy Knitting.  Happy Saturday. 


Mereknits said...

You are like the cat whisperer, Beetles is a lucky boy.
Hugs to you Kathy,

Lynn said...

My friend had a cat that she would harness and take outside. He LOVED it!! She even attached him to the clothes line on a lead and he would run back and forth like a dog!!! He would sit under a tree or sniff some herbs she planted just for him! It always amazes me when I see ppl get their cats on leashes....

Katherine said...

Such a funny post!! I laughed out loud at your description of getting Beatles acclimated to the harness. You are amazing Kathy!!

I love the pony. You will have to think of a really smashing name for yours when Karen finishes.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I agree with Meredith, you are a cat whisperer!!

that pony is just too cute!! His little mane is perfect!

I'm chuckling at the thought of you knitting by candlelight not to let your team down. Awesome.

blessings ~ tanna

Araignee said...

I tried this with my daughter's cat and she ran up a tree dragging me behind her. I got her down and no harm was done but that was the last time I ever tried to harness a cat. You and Beetles are amazing!

Nicole said...

Two new things for me to try: getting Suzy on a leash, and Dish Rag Tag! Awesome ideas, thanks!

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