Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Ways to End May

 Today is the last day of May. 
May ends. June begins.  
Here are 10 ways I'm finishing May:

*My shawl is nearly finished. I'm working on the border.  I've changed it up a bit from the directions but it's easier for me this way. 

*The air conditioners are in place. I can spend the day without it but I must have cool to sleep. 

*I'm waiting for some Knitpicks sock yarn. I ordered the old fashioned way...with a check.  This ought to eliminate any hacking issues they haven't worked out. 

*Today is day 8 without Coca cola.  This is a huge deal for me.  "How do you feel?" Troy asks, and I say, 
"Like I want a COKE" 

*Here's to A Coke free June.....

Yes this means a soda free June.  Coke is the only soda I would drink....
oh that's past tense.....
perhaps that is a good sign

*I am preparing for Zach's graduation.
(Al is getting her Bachelors the same day...!) 
I have a new dress for the occasion.  

*I"m preparing for Hockey in June. 
GO Blackhawks. 

*I'm setting a new goal for myself: 
I will block this shawl. 

*I cut the lawn yesterday with the new lawn mower. 
It has a key start.  WOW, how nice is that? 
We are starting June with a freshly cut lawn. 

and finally: 
*I ran into my aunt Kay yesterday and I need to reconnect with her this month.  She's an amazing lady.  We need to have a nice chat. 

How are you ending this May? 


suburban prep said...

I don't drink pop too often. I do not drink dark pop. But when I do I drink Sierra Mist or Reed's Ginger Beer (strong ginger ale --not alcohol). In fact yesterday the Reed's was my treat after I had a procedure where I could not eat for a day and had to drink a prep. Well that and Pot Belly.
I think going into a new month with a goal is a good one. Best of luck in the giving up Coke.

Nancy Kay said...

Good for you...for going Coke free!! Well done, Kathy b!! Stick to it! A key-start lawn mower? Now that sounds like the ticket. I got a new mower last year, but it's a pull start. Not my favorite; but it works.
I'm ending May with the goal of finishing my purple lace scarf in the next month. Goal #2 is to finish the sweater shawl by the end of July. I also have started a new book; hope to finish it in June.

SissySees said...

You have a lot going on! The Knight does lawn care... he loves his riding mower, but then we have acres of grass...

I'll be glad for June 1 because I've been in League limbo for a few weeks. June 1 is the start of our new year, so that awkward "next year" thing will be history!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on going Coke-free!

I know how hard that is. I'm trying to do it too. My doctor says it is important not to drink soda. I am trying to believe he is correct. But, some days is HARD!

Mereknits said...

I went to the yarn store in Tampa with some friend and bought a yarn bowl, I am in love with it.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

My last day of May was spent at the Canton Trades Day with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Great time! I'm cheering for you on the coke free June/lifetime. I know I need to give up the Coke Zero... but, I haven't worked up enough motivation. You go girl!! blessings ~ tanna
ps there is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass. =)

Alyssa said...

I am ending May wishing work was less stressful, but loving my new computer :)

elns said...

End of May has been a trip to the fabric store for the finishing touches on the baby cardigan. Tonight the baking begins :)

Nancy said...

My mower starts with a key, too, and I love it. I've pulled too many cords in my day - no more, thank you!

I'm ending May with a family gathering - lots of food, lots of laughter, and lots of memories.

Katherine said...

I had to give up my beloved Diet Pepsi about a month ago, due to caffeine issues. So now I am drinking diet caffeine free Coke and I really like it. DD asked why I didn't just add some color to water and drink that.

I know all the reasons doctors say we shouldn't drink soda and I'll keep working on it!

Congratulations to Al and Zack. What a wonderful day that will be for all of you!!

Araignee said...

I am ending May happy that I made it to payday without starving to death and promising to not let myself get as broke as I did this month. Eating is important.
Drinking Coke is not. Good for you. The stuff is poison.

LouLou said...

Giving up Coke is a good thing!!! Did you know they clean hubcaps with that stuff!!! At least that's what my mother always told me but she may have just been trying to scare me. As far as ending May...well I don't think I will...I love May...please don't make it end!!!

Marguerite said...

I ended May by buying new dishes for my new life. Fiestawear in many pretty colors. So bright and pretty. For June I'm going through my house to declutter in anticipation of moving. Good job giving up the Coke.

SapphireBlue said...

I wish I had a key start lawn mower.

Nicole said...

I ended May by finishing a pair of fingerless mitts. Well - I finished the knitting. I haven't sewn the ends in or blocked the mitts yet. Close enough, though!

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