Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a GIFT

 Our friend Larry is a Vietnam Vet.  His service colors his life even now, years and years later. 
He was in the Tet Offensive....
enough said. 
Larry Paints because he gets lost in the process.

I happened to mention that I love horses and Larry presented me with this painting on Tuesday. He painted it for me.  
His friend owns these horses.

I teared up, I was overwhelmed and thrilled.
How can I thank him?  
I'm thinking I'll knit something for Larry and his wife, Sandy.  
 I am having fun knitting this Juliette Cap. 
I will show it to you soon. 

I'm going back to have the hair recolored today; friend and fashionista Joey encouraged me yesterday while I was at work.
She said, You are not a redhead Kath, 
I love your hair blonde....

But thank you all for your sweet comments about my HAIR SCARE as Channon called it. :) 

Do you have a favorite painting in your home? 


Mereknits said...

Your painting is lovely, my Dad used to paint and I have one of his near my kitchen table. It is my favorite of the ones he has painted.
Hugs to you Cathy,

Dee said...

What a beautiful painting.

I don't have a painting, but I have a cross stitched piece that I just adore. It is TW's The Castle. It took me three years to stitch and I just love it STILL after all these years.

Katherine said...

The horse painting is so beautiful!! What a lovely gift! I hope your hair repair goes well and you are feeling yourself, hair-wise, in a jiffy.

I was fortunate to receive my grandmother's painting of Jesus in an oval walnut frame. It always hung beside her dining room table. It was given to my mother's brother for care and safe keeping. After his passing he asked that it be sent to me. I was surprised and thrilled!!

Sue said...

What a wonderful gift. He's very talented. Rob and I both paint so we have lots of our own and friends painting in our home. We also love buying art at shows so it would be super hard to choose.

Grayseasailor said...

What a lovely gift to receive, Kathy! I have all sorts of paintings done by various family members and friends which I enjoy as well...blessings!

Nancy said...

How nice to have a painting given to you by the artist: it's a treasure.

My favorite painting was purchased in Manilla in 1979 - believe it or not it is a scene of a snow- covered Vermont farm. I love how the artist captured the sun reflecting off the the snow.

SissySees said...

Oh I love it!! What a treasure. My favorite painting is the one the Knight's aunt did of the fur-girls... the one I used for the Christmas cards, for my Facebook profile, etc.

Glad your hair scare is being repaired.

Araignee said...

What a great friend to gift something so special. It is lovely. I have several paintings I cherish from my son when he was in his artistic phase.
As for hair, I feel your pain. I've been every color under the sun and only learned to love my boring brown late in life. I do confess to be tempted by pink or purple these days. Temporarily of course.

LouLou said...

Beautiful painting! He's very talented! My little granddaughter loves painting pictures of my horses for me. And she's pretty darn good at it too!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful gift!

Nancy Kay said...

That is a special gift!

I have a few framed Bev Doolittle prints that I really like. I also have two paintings made by art teachers I have worked with, which I treasure.

Judy S. said...

Lucky you! That is a beautiful painting. One of our favorite pictures is one done by my MIL that was found under another one by DD#1...what a treasure.

iknead2knit said...

Beautiful painting! How fortunately you both are to have each other! The bag is more awesome than I ever dreamed - we had a family reunion this weekend and it went everywhere with me. I ended up leaving my pocketbook at home and carrying it. I have at least one or two more in my future I think. (Please pass the ibuprofen). :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Toni said...

Oh, that is just lovely and SO sweet of him!!!!!

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