Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweater Talk

 Beatles Cub Fan .....
 IrisheyesLynn's Sweater 
Tank, Kathy B fan
(Shhhh, don't tell but Tank loves me most) 

The cats wanted some fan mail.....

Lynn is recovering from back surgery and we met for late breakfast/lunch the other day. 

Lynn was wearing her GorGEOUS handknit sweater and it fit her like a glove. I adored it and I adored the buttons. I wish I had taken a shot of those pretty buttons. 

Here's the thing.  I have had limited sweater success.
I have made some good raglan sweaters  a few years back.
Then I spent too much time on one and it turned out lousy.

That disappointment/failure set my sweater knitting back
way back.  I haven't knit a sweater since. 

I am trying to carefully choose my next knit project.

I think I'll knit a vest.....

We'll see. I'm in the thinking mode.

and in the mean time I'm knitting that 
lovely Vine cowl.
The problem is....
I cannot believe I'm writing this..
it is too easy.  I'm bored. 


Katherine said...

I had problems with one piece sweaters like raglans. I hated carrying it around with me as it grew. Then I discovered how easy it is to knit a sweater in pieces and SEW them together. I gave up on joining the pieces by hand but when I found out that I could use the sewing machine to stitch them together I became a sweater knitting fan!!

Tank is a bright boy!! What's not to love about you sweet Kathyb?

SapphireBlue said...

I have to say my sweater knitting attempts haven't gone as well as hoped. My gauge and modifications never turn out, and the finished project always looks wonky, so I've taken a break from it. I will try again sometime in the future.

Nancy Kay said...

Look at Tank's adoring eyes!! So cute!!

Sweaters. I've only made a few. They take a lot of time! The last one I made was a top-down pattern with no seams. And it was on size 8 needles, so it moved right along. That "no-seam" thing really worked for me! Lynn's sweater is beautiful. Yes, it fits like a glove (and that can be another issue...the fit!!). Well done!

Nancy said...

The only sweaters I've knit were for babies and toddlers. I prefer seamless patterns as I hate to seam.

I'm curious, how did Beatles and Tank get their names?

SissySees said...

I'm not at all sure Beatles is happy as a Cubs fan, but Tank sure is pretty, as is the sweater.

I hate to seam too, so good luck. I've only finished one cardi and it is now too big.

Mereknits said...

What about the Rosa's Sleeveless Cardi I just knit, it was really easy. I think I am actually making the sweater your friend is wearing out of my blue Malabrigo yarn, it looks very similar.
Hugs to you and your gorgeous cats.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll knit a shell. I have the pattern. I have the yarn. I'm just hoping they will play nice together.

Cute shot of Tank.

What have you done to poor Beatles???

elns said...

Kathy, your Cubs are beating my SF Giants!! I think it's the cat wearing kerchief mojo you have on your side (and maybe the cold?). I think you should make an attempt to return to sweater knitting. Is that the Madelinetosh Tea Leaves in the picture? That would be a good one. But you know, truthfully, knit what you want, what you love. And keep posting your for us!

Judy S. said...

How'd you ever get Beatles to wear that scarf? Cute kitty photos, Kathy. I like Lynn's sweater also. Try the Triangle Shawl. My favorite Homespun color is Tudor, but the blog shawl is in Mimosa.

Araignee said...

I have had limited sweater success also and it is a major bummer. I think it has to do with my body image. I hate form fitting knits (ahem) and loose and baggy is just sloppy looking no matter how well it is knit. Having said that I am itching to get one on the needles. I like making them but hate wearing them.

Anonymous said...

I've not had very good outcomes with sweaters either, probably because I hate putting them together. I've done it, but I dread it every time! Thanks for reading and commenting.

AllyB said...

What a beautiful cat! That's a lovely sweater. I have made several sweaters, each a different construction technique. The most fun was Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise Jacket, lots of fun and an interesting looking sweater when finished.

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