Friday, March 22, 2013

The Not So Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

 Outside my window:
Those crazy squirrels are nesting and multiplying. 

I am thinking: 
I better keep my windows up all year round to keep those varmints out. 

I am thankful: the predicted 14 inch snowfall for Sunday seems to be called off.

In the kitchen:
the sun is streaming through the skylight but I know better, It is a freezing out there still!
 I am wearing: 
Dove deodorant.  Nuff said. 

I am creating: a little monster in Beatles as he loves his cat treats more than his food.

I am reading: the fine print on everything I buy that is electronic or  cyber-worldly.  

I am going: to give those adorable squishy kittens back to the shelter.....

I am wondering: what my next knit up should be? 
I am hoping: to see flowers sprouting up and blooming soon.

I am looking forward to : walks on the beach 

I am hearing: Elton sing Levon

Around the house: we are plum out of firewood for the season

I am pondering: new car insurance.

Quote for the day: Tred softly for you tread upon my dreams.

One of my favorite things: your comments

A peek into my day:
I want to remember to pray for some dear ones out there that I know would appreciate the simple act of kindness. 


Nancy Kay said...

Ohhh, the kitties are going back??? I hope they get into wonderful, loving homes!!

I enjoyed the daybook entries...

Many things are in transition...just like the weather!

My little gals who take voice lessons sang for an elementary cup-stacking tournament this morning. One sang the National Anthem; the other sang "God Bless America." And that melody is still going through my head. A nice melody for a gloomy, snowy, "spring" morning.

Have a wonderful day!

Bridget said...

Oh, I do love the kitty picture!

And ... hmmmm, those yarns look familiar. ;-)

Have a great weekend!

SissySees said...

... and he shall be Levon... There's very little Elton I don't love.

You know we're to have snow here on Sunday and Monday, right? But the shore is to get all rain... we are the eastern edge of the significant snowfall.

kathy b said...

I am sad after taking them back. Can't keep em all....but wish I could .

THanks for sharing the ride with us, during Lucy's litters stay.
Lynn I'd love you to get one of them> if you fill out an application feel free to list me a s a reference. It might help! I know they'll go fast.

Mereknits said...

You are going to miss the squishy, yummy kittens. I am all about cleaning, working and blogging today. Hugs to you,

Teri said...

How funny - I was thinking only this morning the exact same thing about my kitty - I have created a monster with the treats. She is a royal pain now in the a.m. until she's received them. And she expects to receive them around 6 A.M, and pesters me without ceasing until I deliver them.

Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my site. This Easter will indeed be so blessed for us in a very special way.

Anonymous said...

Beatles and I have something in common. We both love treats more than food. ;-)

Have a great weekend.

Katherine said...

Sun through the skylight.
Squishy Kittens.
Yummy yarn.
Elton John.
Praying for friends.
Life doesn't get any better!!

Nancy said...

I loved doing the Simple Woman's Daybook. I wonder why I stopped posting it.

Today, it rained and snowed and the wind howled. Yep, transition weather - a typical March day.

Out of wood? Turn up the furnace!

Judy S. said...

That Beatle is sure cute! Wow, it sure was cold and snowy last week in your neck of the woods. (Our DD lives in Mundelein.) It's not as cold here but we've had a tiny bit of snow for the past 2 days. It seems to have followed us home!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Yum... lovely yarns!! I think half the fun is finding the match that excites you with yarn and pattern! Hope you have a great weekend. blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Still gray and cold here in Arkansas, I crave sunshine!

Araignee said...

That pastel rainbow in your stash box looks mighty inviting to me....
As for cat treats, don't get me started. We call them kitty crack.

Robin said...

Great glimpse at Kathy B! Sad that the kitties are going back. In honor of spring, I vote for something out of that bright and colorful skein in the box. Maybe a nice shawlette.

Lynneb said...

You can pray for me anytime, Kathyb!

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