Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring 2013 Let's Discuss Ripping....

Let there be no tears,  no second guessing, no Monday morning

 What took over a week to knit up,  was frogged in 4 minutes.

Yes, I did time it. 

There were too many mistakes to carry on with the finish.

What  I learned: 
I Love the size of the finish.  
My wrists hurt even when I knit using wooden circs.

any thoughts on this? 
I  think that while I love the jeweled tones of the Casbah, I may knit the next try up by alternating my ocean colored Casbah with this skein.  

I'm onto the gorgeous green Miss Babs yarn from Ria. I'm knitting up some socks..

I'm not following any pattern. I'd like to throw something into the body of the sock like a few purls here and there...will that work?



Nicole said...

It's been frogged? Eep! It was so lovely!

Katherine said...

The whole shawl or just part of it? I think it is beautiful and I don't see any glaring mistakes. The colors are gorgeous. On the other hand, I am a master ripper and it does give one "control" over a misbehaving project!!

I love beads and glitter on socks so I say go for it!!

suburban prep said...

So sorry you had to frog.
I hate frogging but understand why it must be done.
The yarn is gorgous

Donna said...

That is just gorgeous! I absolutely love that yarn.

SissySees said...

Oh so pretty... so sorry it went to the frog pond...

gMarie said...

That was a beautiful make. I'm sorry it hurt you - I don't know the answer to avoid that.

Yes - random purls will work in your sock. g

dandelionpicker said...

Too bad...that yarn is beautiful!

Mrs. Micawber said...

It is lovely yarn ... but when you gotta frog you gotta frog. I wonder if those bobbly rows would stand out even more with a contrast yarn? (Perhaps that is what you were saying.)

Shall look forward to seeing the socks. :)

Araignee said...

Oh was lovely but I get it. I've done the same over mistakes only I could see.
Purls in socks...why not?

Mereknits said...

The shawl was so beautiful. Have you thought about wearing a wrist splint when you knit, it might add a bit more support, or how about a wrist pressure stocking that they sell for knitters?
I once frogged a whole Noro coat, boy was that painful.

Allison said...

AHHH! NOOOOO! I would have worn it! It was gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The pattern is great and the color is great ... maybe just not together. It looks a bit busy.

Have you tried wrist supporting gloves?

Socks are ALWAYS a good idea.

kathy b said...

Dee I agree it is a bit busy. !! I must calm it down a bit. Of c ourse Al says she liked it that Ive frogged it and told her...
such is life!

kathy b said...


Im taking into ac count your professional opinion and I will purchase a wrist guard before I cast on that shawl again.. .thanks!

Robin said...

Hate frogging but sometimes it just has to be done. Like the yarn!

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Knitting is supposed to be relaxing. It all comes down to the adage, "ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

Anonymous said...
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Nancy Kay said...

So sorry you had to frog it! I find it a bit painful, especially if I've spent several days on a project. I'm guessing you'll like your new plan, and I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Hmmm. I've never tried random purls in a sock, but I can imagine that it would look pretty good!

Alyssa said...

Wrists hurting? That's not good! I hope you aren't getting any sort of repetitive stress thing :( I have carpal tunnel and it STINKS!

Anonymous said...

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