Monday, February 04, 2013

What's New at Irish Eyes

 Fireman finished repainting all the bookshelves and creating a desk area for me.  I'm overjoyed with MY space.  I can look out the porch window from my little perch here.  
I'm on the 13th color row of the blanket.  I knitted Brown and started on Black during that funny SuperBowl.   I loved the MONTANA Stain commercial the most.  I always love the Budweiser Clydesdales, too.  

My neighbor Abby baked a gluten free chocolate cake for dessert.  She used a recipe that involves 3 cups of garbanzo beans. 
You couldn't taste the beans and it was a moist dense delight. 

I've decided if I knit another hat for Zach's headphones it will be a sideways hat.  This way I can just knit a big buttonhole where the headphones sit and it should be much easier. 

I'm aslo thinking of knitting a baby pieces.
I know this is radical for me.   I always knit from the top down so I  do not have to seam, but the idea of knitting flat appeals to me. 
Anyone know of a super simple pattern like that? 


suburban prep said...

I have only knit a baby sweater in pieces.
I have knit a sweater for myself (something that I don't usually do as I give most everything away) and it is still in pieces because it takes me some time to put it together.

Nancy said...

Great progress on the desk and blanket.

Sorry, I can't help with the sweater because I knit all baby sweaters from the top down.

Katherine said...

I love knitting sweaters in pieces, for myself and for babies. Seaming was a pain until I discovered that sewing the peices together is the BEST way!! Now all my sweater seams look smooth and hold up well. The only flat sweater I know of is the Zimmerman Surprise Sweater.

Araignee said...

I just found the recipe for the Bean cake cake. It sounds yummy. Daughter has Celiac's and I am always looking for things that she can eat. I can't wait to try it.
As for the sweater, I made the Irish Leprechaun Sweater in pieces a while back. It turned out very cute but I didn't like the shoulder buttons.

Mereknits said...

What about a hat that has flaps so he can button them down if not using headphones?
Just a thought,

SissySees said...

I keep meaning to try the black bean brownie recipe. Maybe I'll go ... nah... too late. I'm tired and about ready for bed.

Flat baby knits? How 'bout the EZ baby surprise jacket?

gMarie said...

Nice desk! Your blanket is looking great although a lot less log cabiny. No ideas on a flat baby sweater. g

Nicole said...

I intend to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket. As I understand what I've heard (I don't have the pattern yet), you knit it flat but in one piece, and then do some sewing origami to turn it into a sweater/jacket. It sounds fun, so I'm hoping I can figure it out!

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