Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zach's copyright Lucy Lou and Fixie

Zach shot this picture two nights ago.  This is Fixie with mommy Lucy Lou.  Fixie is always crying and fussing. She is the biggest kitten of the litter.  She must be closest to her mom's face and she must have the nipple closest to her mom's face too.  She's big she's bossy and she gets her way.  Ahhh Nature.  She happens to be very very cute too.  Lucy babies her.  I'm glad.  Fixie was the first born and Lucy ignored her.  
Lucy had labored long and hard and had 5 more kittens to deliver. 
I was her kitty-natal nurse and had to dry, stimulate and tear her cord from the placenta.  Good thing she was fiesty.  
Lucy actually just dropped each baby kitten and walked away after a few minutes licking them.  
It wasn't until after number 4 that she laid down by them and nursed.   
When Pippa had her litter, the first one I witnessed, she was a kitten birthing machine.  She did it all and she did it well and I just watched.  
Probably TMI for some of you, but now its recorded here and I can pull it up for reference in the future with another foster if need be. 

Blogs are great for unintended references.

I cast on for Zach's new hat.  He wants to wear his headphones with the hat on, so I'm designing a hat.  
Don't laugh too hard.   I'm hardly a designer. 
I'm giving it a go and will be showing it to you soon. 

Basically, I'm knitting a hat and putting vertical slits at the ear mark so his speakers will rest over the openings. 
He can be pretty particular, so this may just be the first prototype of a couple....

Gotta go watch those kittens.....This is the best part.....
Lucy does all the work and I just marvel at Nature.


SissySees said...

Not too much info at all. Neat!!

I love animal pack dynamics.

Nancy said...

I agree that blogs are a great tool for recording information - knitting, family history, etc.

Fixie is adorable.

gMarie said...

I don't think it's TMI at all - I love hearing all about it. I'm really enjoying your Lucy Lou and her babies. g

KSD said...

I love the kitten delivery story! Isn't it odd how the maternal instinct takes all kinds of different shapes? Of course, now I'm totally in love with Fixie, but doubt Mom would let her go!

Katherine said...

What a sweet picture, and exciting information!! I don't know how you can let the kitties go after being such a BIG part of their lives. I would have to keep them all!

SapphireBlue said...

Awww! Such a sweet picture. I guess kittens can be like any other baby. Some just need more attention.

Mereknits said...

I bet it is amazing to see them change everyday, little by little forming into little kittens that will run around all on their own.

Nicole said...

I've never been present at an actual kitty birth (or an actual horsey birth, though we've bred & raised three), so I don't know what I'd do if I were there and the newborns needed help! Thanks for sharing, and that's a really sweet photo.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

We are marvelling with you, Kathy! blessings ~ tanna
ps looking forward to seeing the prototype for the headphones!

Araignee said...

Sweet kitties! Of our four kittens, the one that was biggest at birth is now the smallest. It was also a marvel to see their coat colors change as they grew up. They turned out to be very different than what I thought they would look like.

Can't wait to see that hat. I have the same problem.

Nancy Kay said...

That's a sweet picture of momma and baby. I'm glad to hear that Lucy is doing her job as a dutiful mother, even paying special attention to Fixie. Love hearing about it.

Have fun designing and knitting that special request hat. You may come up with a million dollar design!!

Alyssa said...

I wish that I had kittens running around! No pets in my apartment :(

I'm interested in seeing what your plan for the hat is!

KathyTNY said...

Definately not too much info - I have been a cat owner my entire life and never had the chance to witness a birthing! I would like to someday but not with a cat of mine...... having my girls fixed is a wonderful thing! I believe they would both make terrible mommas! They are sooooo into themselves!!! lol

The oldest are generally the bosses and desire the most attention....... same for humans!!! (Can you tell I was the baby of the family?)

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