Thursday, November 08, 2012

I'll Bet You Didnt Know....

 I bet you didn't know: 

All of the yarn I found in the tiny yarn shop in Michuacan, was acrylic....
I asked, in good Spanish too, where the alpaca was and they had none.  It is too expensive there and none of them can afford to knit with it.  

I bet you didn't know:
You can marinate salmon in Bloody Mary Mix for a great tasting 

I bet you didn't know:
Leon is the leather capital of Mexico.   I splurged and bought a new leather purse.  I really wanted to buy a new pair of nurse shoes. I love clogs and need a new pair.  The only shoes for nurses were ugly there...

The next bet you didn't know.... is a bit morbid for may wish to skip it

Im warning you, you may want to stop here..

The smallest mummy in the world is in Guanojuato Mexico. It is a little PREMIE boy who is about 24 weeks gestation.  The cool thing is these mummies were buried and something in the soil there mummified them naturally.  I loved this little guy.....I examined his bones and his character carefully.  Fireman and Zach were put off by him, but I just loved this little guy. 
I bet you didn't know this either:

you have to pay to use public bathrooms in many parts of Mexico. 

and finally,

I bet you didn't know that

I have roses blooming in the yard even though it is quite cold here now in Chicago.

Well did you know OR didn't you?


sapphireblue said...

I had no idea they wouldn't have nice yarn there, but it kinda makes sense.

I'm not put off by the little mummy at all. Someone loved him enough to give him a proper burial. Some day I really want to go to that museum. I have seen it on TV.

Sarah said...

I knew some of what you posted and would prefer to pay for a toilet...they tend to be nicer!

Heck, I had to pay to pee at Harrod's in London!

Nancy said...

You got me on all of them. I'll have to try the Bloody Mary salmon - I bet it's tasty.

I'll bet you didn't know I had to try 8 times to decode the comment validation to prove I am not a robot! Hmmm, make that 9 times.

gMarie said...

I did not know most of that. thanks for sharing! g

KathyTNY said...

Some of your tidbits I did know about and others I did not. I was not put off by the little mummy - very interesting.

Blood Mary and salmon.....that sounds yummy! Well, the Bloody Mary part does!!! Only like fish sticks!!! lol

I had a horrible experience while in Mexico in 1989 - I was 2 months pregnant for my Abby and was deathly ill. Not Mexico's fault EXCEPT I could NOT get a saltine cracker ANYWHERE that was not soggy and horribly stale!

Glad you had fun!

Katherine said...

You have roses and I still have tomatoes. How weird!!

I love the little baby! I think I can see how he might have looked in life. The only thing about him that bothers me is that he looks like he is crying for his mommy!

I think they are right about the yarn, it is getting terribly expensive and acrylic is looking better and better to me.

Nancy Kay said...

Did not know...did not know...thanks for all the info!

I might have to try a Bloody Mary marinade!

Mereknits said...

I most certainly didn't know. I think the mummy is fascinating, imagine him being delivered early but loved enough to be buried properly.

KSD said...

Have you seen the exhibit "Bodies"? The little skeleton put me in mind of it.

I read your sentence as "Leon is the leather capitan of Mexico" --- and though, Leon's a pretty important and powerful guy!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I didn't know! But, I would have been fascinated by the tiny mummy, too... must be a nurse thing. ;)

Nicole said...

I didn't know any of that. Wow! I learned a lot today!

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