Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alls Well that Ends Well

These socks are off the needles and on my feet.  I ended up reknitting one of the heels and not the other.  They are after all just for me.  If they were a gift I would have done it differently.  
Do you knit differently for others than for yourself?   I live in fear that my gift knits will unravel at the first wearing.   This pair involved some yarn changes, joins and ends to weave in.  I like socks for many reasons, but one is the thrill of knitting something with just one long piece of yarn.  

Al is reading GONE GIRL.  She loves it. I cannot recall which one of you suggested it.  Who who who??

Finally Fireman was on a late night alarm yesterday.  A woman's life line alarm had gone off.   They entered her home and followed the blue oxygen tubing.  She wasn't answering their calls.  It would seem she had passed away and they were as shocked as she when they touched her shoulder and she jumped up.  
She hadnt called them.  She felt fine.  Yet her Lifeline alarm had gone off and called 911.  Then Fireman found the guilty party....her cat.   The cat had tripped the button on the mailbox and dialed 911.  

All's well that ends well.!~


sapphireblue said...

I think I would have had a heart attack if that would have happened to me (or peed my pants). I'm glad she was okay.

The socks are lovely!

gMarie said...

Beautiful socks.

Interesting story - glad it ended well for all involved. Maybe the kitty knew what it was doing? g

SissySees said...

Love those socks. And yes, I knit differently - more forgivingly? - for myself.

HAhahahaha... Hadn't heard that before, but I can totally see it happening. Smart cat or bad cat?

Katherine said...

Well she was sleeping and the cat just wanted a little attention. Glad to hear it all ended well! I love your socks!!! They look so good with jeans.

Nancy said...

Love, love, love your socks!

Yes, I am more careful knitting for others even though they could not spot "errors," I can and often frog and reknit. Items made for myself simply have "design enhancements."

Nancy Kay said...

I was most interested in your thoughts about knitting the afterthought heels. Looking at your pictures, I don't think that pattern would work for me. Your finished socks look fantastic!!

Interesting story about the cat that tripped the signal...Yikes... Glad the lady was OK!

KathyTNY said...

My Mom wears one of those life line thingies and I am so thankful she does! I am so happy the story ended the way it did for this lady. I know that was a lot of work for the guys to get dressed and answer the alarm, but they face those circumstances daily and God bless them - they respond to them all no matter what might be at the other end. A button pushing cat or a woman laying on the floor near death.

Thanks Fireman!

Yeah, I knit more carefully and frog mistakes in knits for others. Most of the things I knit for myself have lots of "tiny" mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Cute socks! No --- I think I knit the same no matter who it's for.

Funny about the cat. My neighbor once butt-dialed the police. She was quite surprised when they showed up at her door.

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