Friday, October 05, 2012

The Joy of a New Appliance

and the Joy of Yarn in the Mail.

I forgot my own topic today: so here's a fill in:

I do love a new appliance.  I gave away our immersion blender, to Al and I am wanting another.  I picked these unripe cherry tomatoes before the cold cold weather set in yesterday.  I'm doing that thing with newspaper and a box full of green tomatoes.  I just couldn't see all those unripened cherry tomatoes going to waste.  Fireman wanted to pickle them.  I think that's just a stomach ache waiting to happen.

I'll keep you posted on their mysterious ripening process.

As for The Joy of Yarn in the Mail.....well, I get pretty excited over it.  The whole box on the front porch thrill....the torture of the Packing Tape .....and finally seeing what I ordered.  I have ordered from SimplySocks company.  They are very helpful on the phone and the yarn comes  lickety split.   I have ordered from KnitPicks and have always liked the color of the yarn when it arrives.  They are not as fast as Simply Socks.  I've also ordered from Webs .  No complaints there either.
Do you love the box of yarn arriving in the mail????  Who do you order from?


sapphireblue said...

I had to order a skein of yarn that was no longer being made. I found one place that still had it in stock. I order from them, and it was super fast. Plus, they followed up with me to make sure it arrived. It was from

Nancy said...

I just got an order from Simply Socks (hard to beat the clearance price on Opal at $9 a skein). Their orders do arrive much faster than Knit Picks at my house, too. I have also ordered from Loopy Ewe, PatternWorks, and WEBS. Nothing beats getting a squishy package of yarn in the mail.

Marguerite said...

Love getting yarn in the mail and seeing if it looks like I thought it would - sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Use Simply Socks and Knitpicks the most. Like Patternworks for their Bretton yarn, a superwash sport weight sock type yarn with alpaca. Recently ordered from Webs and found their photos to not look much like the yarn I received. Love the way Knitpicks shows their colors big size and gives a good description of the actual color.

SissySees said...

I don't order yarn much at all anymore, since one of my best friends opened a yarn shop...

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