Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday FrightfulFun

 PHOTO: Neighbor's spooky lawn fun.
Note to self: learn how to use Fuji camera in night light
 Halloween chips....
note to self they are just plain fun
Sloppy Joes vegetarian style.  
Note to you: I am in no way trying to make you a vegetarian. 
Odds are I'll quit in the future. I just got frightfully spooked when my cholesterol levels went up.   

I kept reading about SLoppy Joes, which I LOVE, made with lentils.  I happened to have some lentils and some soy pretend ground beef in my house.  I use my mother in laws own sloppy joe recipe, which is super secret and awesome, when I make this meal. 
The Sloppies were sloppy and just as good as with beef. SCORE!  

I made a bunch of mistakes on the easy as can be third potato chip shawl in the last 2 days.   
Note to self: pay SOME attention to your knitting....
if it weren't for the errors I'd be finished with my 3rd by now.

Note to self: Bookmark knitting for little gifts must begin when shawl number 3 is finished.  :) 

ANy notes to yourself lately? 


SissySees said...

No notes to self today, but I'd love the sloppy joe recipe.

Katherine said...

Note to self: get some of those delicious looking chips!!

Note to self #2: Don't eat too many of them.

sapphireblue said...

There's nothing wrong with talking about your vegetarian meals. I don't feel pressured. I think it's a great idea.

Nancy said...

Note to self: finish some sewing and knitting projects before starting any new ones.

Marguerite said...

Note to self: Open house condo Sunday, 12:30 to 2:30.

It's going to be a busy busy weekend. Will I have enough energy left to go? Will I lose the note before then?

Anonymous said...

I recently learned my cholesterol is elevated and I'm interested in all the help I can get! Your sloppy joes looks delish!

Lynn said...

No worries abt the veggie talk. I'll just eat a steak once I'm done reading!!!!! LOL Good for you for eating healthy! And I see it beign much better than a vegan. I havent met a vegan that looks healthy.....

And we've got some neighbors decorating their house for halloween too. I've noticed it getting more and more popular to decorate the outside as much as you do for christmas.

Nancy Kay said...

Note to self: Look for those Halloween colored chips on the next trip to the grocery store!

KathyTNY said...

You have now inspired me to get the fixings for sloppy joes for the week! ( I shop only once a week for groceries.)

Yours looks yummy but lentils are forbidden in our house!!! lol

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