Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things That Work

 Here are the two books fellow knit friends have loaned me lately.  I'm into this mitered thing, in a BIG way.   I love how fast the squares knit up, how you start with a big number and decrease decrease decrease till you are done!  I haven't tackled the seaming yet, so my joy might burst, but I hope not.  I don't mind crocheting so I intend to seam with the crochet hook.
I was looking for this new GOODY brush for weeks.  AL found one for me in her Target in Virginia Beach.  This brush has soft blue towellike material between the bristles.  It really and truly dried my hair faster than ever.   This ad tells the truth.  I have a head of thick thick hair that is a pain to dry.

I  have to tell you that I returned to comment moderation.  I have had too much spam and unwanted comments mostly in different languages, to leave it off.   Comment moderation does work, and I realize it is a pain, so I apologize in advance for turning it back on.  I hope it won't deter your comments which I LOVE.

What else has been working for me?  I have a workout buddy.  We both loathe working out.  We have been leaning on one another and it is working so far.

What's working for you today????


Anonymous said...

Not much working for me today. It's a very blah day. Thankfully those are few and far between, but today...meh!

I seam with a crochet hook too. Sure makes the seaming a lot faster.

Katherine said...

Very interesting hairbrush! Of course hair drying is never a problem for me but I've been through it with my daughters.

I will be interested to see your seaming of the mitered squares. Seaming of any type is my nemesis!!

Nicole said...

When I knit Mitered squares, I attach them to each other as I go. Just pick up stitches for one edge instead of casting on. Simple! Of course it does mean you have the whole project in your lap again.

That brush sounds like a trip. I might have to look for one just for novelty's sake.

sapphireblue said...

I've never seen a hairbrush like that before.

Beverly said...

I don't have a problem with comment moderation. I had mine turned on at one time.

It's amazing the nasty comments people make. I deleted the comments put comment moderation on and never had the problem again.

I think once people realize that not only can you delete their comments but you can chose whether or not they are posted they lose a lot of their power.

Mereknits said...

I have never heard of that brush, it sounds interesting, but since I have really thin, crappy hair mine dries fairly quickly so I might not need it. I am cleaning up after my niece and her family left today, adn hoping to get some yarn in my hands tonight.

Anonymous said...

Your books look very interesting.

Thanks for telling about the brush. Although my hair is short, it is thick and hard to dry!

Thank you for your kind words re my husband's surgery.

SissySees said...

Might have to look for that brush...

What's working for me? The Knight is making his "goulash" pasta. The temperatures are temperate. The girls and I had a nice, long walk.

Anonymous said...

I have to share a great u tube knitting video, in case you haven't see it. I love it and it will make you smile!! Lynn


KathyTNY said...

That question was asked yesterday and I would have to answer that everything was working yesterday! I even had a good hair day! lol It is a perfect late summer day - comfortable temps, humidity and the sun was bright. Went home after spending the whole day inside and asked my hubby to go for a walk with me along the canal. We took a wine cooler each and poured it into the travel mugs and walked along the canal in a nice pace and sipped our cooler. Dinner was in the oven cooking. When we got back it was done and I call that just about perfect!

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