Friday, August 31, 2012

Super secret post

First things first......

Sorry I have not left comments on my blog friends posts this week.    I have very limited Internet capabilities.  I love reading your knit thoughts and your goings on.  

Ill leave you a few hints as to my silence.....

I've knitted up a storm of squares this week due to some passenger knitting g

I prepared the 3 posts this week last week ..knowing I would be away from my computer

An incredible wish came true for me .....hint......yogi and boo boo
I spent time with lurker Kath from high school.....I adore her

You can rest assured I didn't see one mouse this week
Normal posting and comment
Ing to return this week end


fancystitching said...

Here are my thoughts... I hope you really enjoy Yellowstone! It is one of the most AWESOME places in the world!! We went to it twice... once on our way TO Montana, and again on our way home. I told DH I just HAD to go see that again while we were up there.
NOW... am I correct?

Margaret said...

Yogi and BooBoo?! Did you bring a pick-a-nick basket???

SissySees said...

Yellowstone? gMarie was just there last week! I hope you have a great time.

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