Wednesday, July 11, 2012

toe Friendly pedi socks finished


Well, this is
Pair number 5 for 2012. I am falling a tad short of one pair a month pace, but not too far off.
Tthis was lornas laces sale yarn in mixed berries. I can have my toes done in style this winter.

fireman had me at the driving range by 0900 and the beach all afternoon. I had to thank him. I had fun at the range, he let me nap and then Lake Michigan was perfect today. kids were having such fun in the sand and water. I saw more families kissing their little ones today than ever......being a T the beach makes parenting fun. we used to go all the time when my kids were young.

Sorry for the lousy text and grammar today. Working from another source is tedious. the computer may be salvageable! heres hoping

And here are some other hopes

-hoping for storms to water our dry gardens soon

-hoping the store bought quiche is good microwaved for dinner

-hoping the shawl pattern I cast on today is a keeper.....

-hoping puddly and babka get adopted out soon

What are you hoping for tonight?


SissySees said...

I am hoping my ankle is okay. I turned it badly on our walk, but it didn't hurt so I kept going. Now it's tingly, but I don't see much bruising or swelling.

I knew I needed new shoes. Gah.

Nancy said...

I'm hoping to get all the City surveys on the condition of our street delivered to my neighbors tonight. Then, I pray that they will complete and send the surveys so our street can be repaved.

Beverly said...

I've managed 1 and one foot was knit last year.

It has been too hot here to do anything but things started to cool off with the gully washer we had yesterday. There was hail where I was and flash flooding everywhere. I drove through some flooding in places that never flood. Very scary!

Dee said...

I have big, big, BIG hopes tonight, but can't say what they are just yet. (Don't you HATE when people say things like that.) But, there is something happy big in the works that I am hoping BEYOND hope will happen.

Hoping that your kitties get adopted too. Every animal should have a fur-ever home.

Alyssa said...

I'm hoping my grad project proposal will get accepted and I'll recover from this ear infection that I got while on vacation! :(

sapphireblue said...

I hope for cooler weather.

I love the socks!

Mereknits said...

I am hoping to have a lovely dinner with a friend I do not get to see very often. So glad you had a great day, Fireman seems to spoil you a bit, I think that is great.

Grace said...

hoping for work for my husband and sales and commissions for me, we could use some rain too but none is forcast

Katherine said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I'm hoping for a peaceful, quiet weekend after a hurried, busy week. I'm hoping for a weigh-in at Weight Watchers that will show another 10 pound loss. I'm hoping I'm not wishful thinking!!

Kathy said...

I got what I was hoping for last night. A nice 25th anniv. dinner with my husband at our fave restaurant - a Greek feast!!!!

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