Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Staycation My Way

Last night just before Sunset I went to the only farm in our county and found beautiful light.  It is funny because in winter, I won't leave my warm cozy house after about 4 pm.  In summer, I will go out and about until all hours.  All of the cows were tucked in, save for one.

Staycation Rules that Apply To Me: (your Staycation rules are your very own!)

*No cooking if you don't really want to.
Last night:  Don't gag.  I tried the veggie burger at Burger King.  It was delish.   I am not a vegetarian but I am trying very hard to minimize meats for awhile.  

*Invited my neighbors over to see the kittens at noon.  This left my afternoon free afterwards for a good nap.  Invited another friend for coffee at 4 on the porch.  Part of my staycation planning means, STAYing at home.
I love staying at home.  If someone is late arriving at my house, I am less crabby about it than if I am waiting for them at a coffee shop.

*Swatched.  I tried 3 different patterns and yarns before I hit on my next project at 9 pm last night.
The simple ONE ROW lace scarf it is.   I'm usually too impatient to swatch.  I force the project along.  During staycation , I have the time to sit and play with the needles, the yarn, the pattern until I hit it right.

*I ask myself : Is this how I would spend my time on vacation?  If the answer is no, I really don't do that thing.   I have to protect Staycation fiercely or it won't work.  I say to my family: Im on vacation, so Im not doing laundry today.  I'm on vacation so Im not grocery shopping today.  I even go so far as to refuse to answer the phone......I wouldn't answer it on vacation if I was away.  

Today, the foster kittens go back to the shelter.  God Speed little Babka and Puddy.  You've made it!

Today,  Fireman and I are dining al fresco somewhere before the temps go into the 90s and 100s this week.

Today, I'll take more photos when the light is just right, somewhere I normally wouldn't go to take pictures.

Today, I will organize my knit gifts......because it is under 6 months now to Christmas........


kathy b said...

I'm adding blog reads, friends to my side bar this week. IF you aren't up there yet, don't worry Im getting to you. I love you all who care to leave comments and visit my blog. I always feel I should visit yours and do the same...
I just started with a few this morning.

Mereknits said...

I think your day sounds perfect. Wish I was the friend coming over to chat and have coffee, even though I don't drink coffee. How is the Cardi coming along? Plans for that today?

Nancy said...

Great list of rules. Every once in a while, I pick a day for just me and don't answer the phone or door and do the things I want to do - read, watch old movies, knit.

Enjoy your Staycation!

sapphireblue said...

Sounds like everything is going well on your days off. I'm sad to see the kitties go, but I hope they find really good homes.

kathy said...

What a wonderful picture!

I love your post today. I just love reading your enteries - they are so full of peace and restfullness. Even when you are not on staycation!

I LOVE veggie burgers. I grill them at home and doll them up just like a regular burger - YUM! Been eating them for years! (and they have gotten so much better over that time!)

Godspeed darling kitty friends! I am going to pray that you find a home SOON - and someome to love and spoil you for the rest of your long lives!

Thanks for reading my blog and "talking" to me.


SissySees said...

Beautiful photo. I'm glad you're guarding your staycation.

And I totally answer the phone on vacation. Hmmm...

Happy successful fostering!

Judy S. said...

Hi Kathy! Sounds like you're enjoying your Staycation, at least so far. We in the north country appreciate the long summer days; now if only the sun would show up! Can you believe that our furnance was just running? What's the one row lace scarf? I love the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern; do you know that one? Can't wait to see photos of Al's cat. Gosh, our two still don't love each other and it's been 3 years or so. What's your trick?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful Stay-cation, so far.

Can't wait to hear what you had for supper al-fresco.

Katherine said...

Happy staycation! I'm with you on the not cooking thing. DH and I have been trying all the cold dinners we can think of so we don't have to cook while it is 106, as it was yesterday.

You said "Christmas"!! I can't believe you said that! It will be at least August 1st before I think about Christmas gifts--knitted or otherwise.

April Pettit said...

That so reminds me of my hometown. We don't see many farms in Orlando...but oddly enough we do see cows (go figure). I hope that the kitties do well. I love kittens and have one rescue in my home. her name is spooky and she is a solid black cat with a patch of white on her chest. I love my kitty. Funnily enough she doesn't mess with my yarn. But she will sit in my basket on a project if given half a chance. I hope the staycation keeps going perfectly and if I had a blog, I would happily leave you the address. I'm just afraid my life is a tad bit boring for a blog. LOL!

Grace said...

I say this every year but I am not knitting gifts for christmas this year, they never seem to go over very well!

Lynn said...

Good for you! it is no vacation if you are doing laundry or cleaning or cooking when you dont feel like it. Unless you are on a very long trip that requires a night of cooking or some underwear washed, you need to be on vacation regardless of the location. Enjoy!

Hippy Chick said...

Swatching is a great activity for Staycations...I would swatch neither on a vacation or during my regular knitting time. I am also a project forcer, hopefully it works with what I have, if not, close enough. :)

I love your rules! Yes, guard that time ferociously. Good for you!

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