Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Fun

 It's Friday here in our blog land,
I'm knitting a pattern I can understand,
My flowers are planted and seeds are sown
The earwigs are eating them I must bemoan,
There are holes in my coleus, lace-like you see
But all of you know Lace is Greek to me,

These little flip flops were made in a snap
by Meghan whose 7, all she did was wrap
little balloons around the one part
and it took less than an hour from finish to start.

I;'m waiting for fireflies to light up the night
its one of my most favorite summer delights
The breezes are lovely from here where I sit
I'm ready to pick my needles and knit

and so Happy Friday to you and to you
May you finish a project and start one new too.


KSD said...

I saw our first fireflies
A few nights ago
They make me so happy
I do love them so.

SissySees said...

Pretty rhymes! Love the flip flops, but I can't wear them anymore. What fun to have such a creative young friend!

kathy b said...

KSD, thanks for joining the rhyme fun. I love fireflies too, send them my way!

Nancy said...

Cute post!

Happy Friday to you, too. Enjoy your knitting time.

Katherine said...

Cute poem. Thanks for making my Friday brighter!

I can't wear flip flops--never could. I can't stand anything between my toes, but I have to say that those are the cutest flip flops I've ever seen!

AlisonH said...

Oh how fun! Happy feet!

I miss fireflies. My California-raised kids have no idea what they've missed.

sapphireblue said...

Bummer about the bugs eating your flowers.

Robin said...

The fireflies are out here, too. There were tons last night. Love the poem!

kathy said...

Fireflies were in Michigan over the weekend...... don't think they are here in NY yet.

I love the flip flops!

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