Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Weekend Workend

Some of us start early with the weekend festivities. Fireman's birthday is tomorrow, Sunday.

The storm clouds were brewing and they delivered.
I'm knitting a soft baby beret. I had no intention of knitting this right now, but it just morphed. I was planning on another Life IS Good Shawlette, but I did not like the way the yarn was evolving in garter rows. I can always use another baby gift...the look of the yarn in stockinette is lovely. I guess you could say I'm going with the flow. This is good for me. I need to go with the flow more.


Dee said...

Could you send some of those storm clouds our way. We are SO dry!

Happy birthday to fireman! Hope he has a wonderful day!

Katherine said...

Happy birthday to Fireman!!

I also am not good at going with the flow! My dear Mom would get so upset with me for fighting life in general. She would tell me to "play it as it lays." Here I am many, many years later and I still haven't learned!

Nancy said...

If the "flow" could bring those fabulous rain clouds back to Wyoming, I would be delighted.

Happy Birthday, Fireman. Enjoy your suds!

Voie de Vie said...

Happy b-day to fireman ... and to a very smart kitty and its curious nose. :)

SissySees said...

Happy birth-weekend to your Fireman!

Love that you're going with the flow.

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