Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not So Much

I tried to combine these two yarns in a number of ways.. You'd think that with the touch of pink in the yellow based yarn, they'd jive...but not so much. I tried knitting them together, knitting a few stands of each, but I did not try fair isle...Perhaps that would have been perfect....well another day.
I bought a few shirts at our local resale shop a few weeks ago. Good thing, because I have used so darn much bleach in this house what with the sick kittens, that I splashed some bleach on one of the shirts. It hurts so much less when I know I paid well, not so much.
I have been motivated by many of you who are out burning calories now that our weather has improved. I've gotten back on my bicycle. I'm hoping I can still eat fun things and, by just riding my bike, drops some weight... What do you think??? Not so much???


SissySees said...

I like the colors together. Are you going to try fair isle?

And I don't see why just adding more activity wouldn't yield some weight loss. Burning more calories is what it's all about, right?

Katherine said...

The two colors would be beautiful in Fair Isle!!

Exercise doesn't work for me for weight loss. It does tone the flab that shows up as soon as I lose a few pounds and ultimately makes me look thinner. I'm told that the "big deal" about exercise is that it is good for me. I'm not convinced!!

Mereknits said...

Lovely new picture on your header. I need to get my butt outside and walk and ride my bike. I think you will be able to eat whatever you want if you ride, especially extra chocolate.
Have a great day,

Kathy said...

At my age (57) I would have to do both exercise AND cut out my fave foods...... I need to loose the 40 lbs. I put on when I started working a desk job...... curse the world of desks!

By the time I get home after work and tending to my family needs (including my elderly parents) I honestly have about an hour of "spare" me time. So my choice will always be knitting instead of exercise! When I try to get up early in the morning (5am) all I want to do is knit and drink a nice cup of coffee in silence...... I don't think the 40 lbs is comin' off any time soon.

sapphireblue said...

Is that Tahki? I really like the white color.

Dee said...

I did that same thing to a shirt the other day. I am just NOT safe around bleach. :-(

Biking is an excellent exercise. Just make sure you keep it at a fairly high speed --- just like walking. You just can't stroll along. You need to "bust a move".

Hope the kitties are continuing to do well.

KSD said...

LOVE working with combined yarns. In fact, in choosing yarn for a project, I almost always try to find a pair that will work rather than a single.

And the yellowish yarn you have? I have the same pattern in cream with brown specks. I really like the feel of it.

Lynneb said...

Well, I'm hoping that a walk around the block will cancel out the cheeseburger and fries I had tonight!

Eileen said...

I wish I could shed some pounds...I can't even get on my bike anymore.

I like combining yarns too. Those colors look like they should go together.

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